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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/23/2005 5:34:12 AM EDT
A good friend of ours has found out her niece has brain cancer. I am looking for assistance to help them out during this critical period. I am attaching the message below so that you understand the details. If you would like to help, please send me an email at dmori@sempraservices.com. Thanks so much.

"Dear friends,

I am looking for help. My niece, Jacqui, is a very sick girl. About four weeks ago she was diagnosed with a rare and malignant brain tumor – pineal blastoma. She was sent quickly to New York University Hospital, where a brilliant brain tumor oncological surgeon removed it. The follow-up to this is chemo and radiation therapy for the next year – in Boston.

Jacqui lives in Clifton Park with her mother, my sister Linda, and just turned 18 this month. She’s a bright, kind kid who was all set to start college this fall. Then the worst happened.

My sister and niece will be required to go to Boston every month for a 3-5 day stay for the chemotherapy, and they must find a place to stay while there each month. Because her cancer is very rare, the only place where they are treating this type is in Boston.

I’m looking for two things – ideas and hotel points. Jacqui’s doctor has cleared her to begin treatment as soon as she can get there, but they have no place to stay while in Boston, so cannot go there as yet for treatment.

There is a Ronald McDonald House about a 30-minute drive from the hospital, which costs $20 per night. It’s a first-come, first-served, day-to-day system so that there is no guarantee that they will have a place to stay from one day to the next. Obviously, she cannot stay with anyone because while receiving treatment, Jacqui will be very ill and it would be a huge burden to the host. The transportation costs will be astronomical as you might guess. Linda has had to leave her job and cannot work because Jacqui could seize at any time and must be watched and cared for constantly. Therefore, finances are tight for them at this time.

Time is important. They must begin treatment as soon as possible in order to give Jacqui the best chance for survival. I’m seeking donations of hotel points – you know, those points that frequent travelers accumulate? We plan to rely on Ronald McDonald House as much as possible, but there will be times when they’ll be forced to find a hotel – and as you probably are already aware, Boston is one of the most expensive cities in the nation to stay in. So if you have any points you would donate, or know of anyone who might be willing to donate points, we would be truly grateful.

I’m looking for ideas, too. Linda spoke to a social-worker who specializes in dealing with catastrophic illness problems, and the social-worker told her to start holding fund-raisers. None of us have ever done this sort of thing before, so any information or ideas would be greatly appreciated."
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I'll have to check with staff first
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