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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/16/2001 3:02:33 PM EST
Wow....second time bullets have came in my direction in the last 33 years with malicious intent, etc. Im in the left turn lane headed home.I am parked behind a newer Suburban with low profile wheels tinted windows(total gangsta mobile) Anyhow, Im behind this thing headed north and all of a sudden 6 shots ring out and I hear the bullets flying overhead. The Gangsta mobile all of a sudden guns it and dd's out of town, I try and follow in my pathetic 4 cylinder Swami-Mobile™. I get a good description of the vehicle and when I get home I buzz 911 and report what I saw.Told him they took a right then a left and headed north on X Ave. The shots and subsequent chase did not make me nervous, nor scared, but what *pissed* me off was the target of the bastards, a house with 2 younger kids out front no older then 10.They hit the floor at the sound of the rds, but still.Those co^&smokers really screwed the pooch firing at kids. After I hung up with 911, a Sgt.Xyz calls and and asks what I saw, rds fired(heard) and anything else.He said he was gonna stop by and take a report.Sgt. Xyz stops takes small report and that they have caught up with the Gangstas. Apparently, the Gangstas took fire as well as the car had 2 holes in it.One from the front and one on the side.Hell, I dont remember seeing anyone else firing as I had a good view of the whole scene.Only cars on the road at that time was Swami-Mobile™, Gangstas and a family in the right lane with 4 kids in a mini van(toddlers) Glad they caught the shytheads.Maybe the holes in their car were inflicted as those dumbasses cant seem to hit anything besides little kids and seniors... ARSwami ________________________ I was never here!
Link Posted: 12/16/2001 3:58:50 PM EST
... I thought they outlawed guns exactly for this kinda shit in California. ... Seriously though, sounds like you made yourself a good witness instead of getting some action. Thats good.
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