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Posted: 8/14/2005 10:07:21 PM EDT
Hi everyone,

Cancer is pretty frequent in my family, both on my fathers and my mothers side... My grandfather on my mothers side was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer and Metasstases in the Lung, Spinal Cord and right Hip.
Thank god he is getting better and better since his treatment with an experimental Drug started and I'm very confident he will make it. So much for my Background. Now I have 3 Key questions...

- Skin Cancer; I have several birth marks that have slightly "unsharp" edges and have IMO become a lil darker during the last ten years or so.
Is there some kind of a relation to Skin Cancer or something similar?

-My Mother has been to the Doctor about a month ago because of some anomaly in the Blood data. She has been scanned with some Ultrasonic or Microwave (I can't remember) device and they found out that the cause for the blood datat anomaly isn't some kind of tumor, as previously assumed, but fat sediments on the liver.
Is this POSSIBLE or have they, the doctors, made a mistake, which would mean that it might be a Tumor after all?

-I've read on the NewScientist.com that one out of three persons will get cancer at some point of their life...
Is this true or is it just another health scam thing?
AIDS affects much less people in the Western World than Cancer, yet we have managed to find effective Medications and Treatments. Why can't the same thing be done for Cancer?

Link Posted: 8/14/2005 10:15:51 PM EDT
Birthmarks do get darker with age and you get "freckles" as you age as well... If you are worried about it... go to see a dr and get checked out.

Remember this as well, we are living longer so chances are good that we will all get cancer at one point or another. My dad had prostate cancer about 3 years ago and is doing fine. He was told that if all men were to live to 110 years old... chances of getting prostate cancer are 100%.

Also in those statistics IS skin cancer... a very COMMON yet treatable cancer if caught in time.

Cancer is a VERY broad term. It basically means a growth of abnormal cells so YES it is scary but just get in touch with the doctors and dont preoccupy yourself too much about it.... you have to live ya know.
Link Posted: 8/14/2005 10:15:55 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/14/2005 10:16:31 PM EDT by CRC]
The homosexual lobby has been pretty militant at getting a cure for AIDS (so they can screw around with no fatal consquences) at the expense of other diseases.

And that includes cancer.

Basically you spend all your R&D money on a cure for AIDs or else!

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