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Posted: 5/17/2002 2:31:59 PM EDT
(This is posted to get the attention of our Ar'Right Mebers, and ANYONE else who cares to join in!!!)

Ar'Right, here it is folks!  Our shoot will be on the 25th, Saturday, at Bankhead "Hurricane Creek" shooting range.  It'll BEGIN at 0900, though earlyness is encouraged and lateness is tolerated!  We will do the "full-meal-deal", with a cookout BBQ etc.  I, for one, will have my camper and be camping locally that night, all are welcome and encouraged to join me for some more good cookin' and some COLD BREWS!  I can sleep 4 with no "unwelcome contact", so don't be bashful to say yer stayin' over!  If anyone needs directions, let me know.  If anyone wants to know what food to bring, e-mail me.  If anyone wants to know what firearms to bring, "Bring Whatcha Got, So We Can Shoot What We Don't!", as our motto goes!  We'll conduct an "informal" CMP shoot both in Automatic and Bolt actions!  Folks, let's show up in droves for this.  ALL ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED TO MAKE THIS SHOOT!  I have some exciting news concerning our club to share, and this promises to be one HECK of a good time!  Y'all lemme know if yer in, and let's see some DIXIES, gosh darnit!!!!

Paul"Get yer butts of that couch and out to this shoot"Hosier

Link Posted: 5/17/2002 4:22:03 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/17/2002 5:30:12 PM EDT
We sure will!!!  We'll miss the Old Crow, and we hope he does us proud in NY!!![shotgun]
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