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Posted: 8/16/2007 4:47:11 PM EDT
OK so has anyone else had this issue because this is REALLY pissing me the hell off

This morning I checked my AIM buddy list only to find that it had logged off in the middle of the night. I figured it was just a connection error or some other BS that sometimes happens. I tried to log back in and low and behold it says password is incorrect or screen name is incorrect. I was like WTF...so I followed the "forgot your password?" link and reset my password. I was logged in and noticed that my buddy list was COMPLETELY gone, the only thing in there was the OFFLINE folder and that was it...even that was empty. I added in what buddies i could remember and after 5min goes by I'm logged off again. I tried to log in again with the new password and again it says error, invalid screen name or password. I go through the BS of redoing my password at least another 5 times. Each time I'm able to log in but the amount of time I can stay online is getting shorter and shorter. Also the "You are logged on from more than one location press 1 to log off all other loctaions" message. If I press 1 I get a confirmation that all other locations are logged off and then immediately after I get kicked off. If I ignore it I get logged off.

After the 2nd time of that happening I thought maybe someone has my password and is logged in on my screen name. I made up passwords that were random number and letter combinations and still that didn't work.

Next I figured it was the version of AIM I have, so I installed an older version. No dice there either. Same BS, except now I can't log in at all and can't reset my password because it's asking a security question I've never seen before.

I even tried creating a BS account to try to log on with and I can't even log on with that.

Any ideas of what the f^&* is going on? I'm really getting tired of this bulls@*%. I even tried to report a bug on their website and got a freaking error message about part of the form not being complete (it was when I hit submit). I redid the form twice and got the same message each time. I just said F*&% IT! and gave up. There's no way to get ahold of anyone working for AIM or AOL anyways. Even if I could I'm sure they'd try to sell me a service subscription to their F*%$ing POS service and then harass me when I tried to cancel my service.
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