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Posted: 10/21/2004 7:04:31 AM EDT
I am all angry about the Wachovia thing anyway, so here is another topic that is making me angry:

The 9-11 families.

Now I understand that they lost loved-ones in the 9-11 attacks. I understand that they had to deal with loved ones killed by terrorists, which is harder than the loved-ones we loose to other things in this earth.

I didn't mind charities helping them out. But when talk of a big government payout to each of them surfaced, I started to wonder. Then I saw them getting all caught up in the 9-11 report and not as spectators, but LOBBYISTS.

NOW I see them showing up in Presidential Campaign adds.

I understand their loss, but does being attacked by terrorists give them the right to have such a huge say in politics? Does it give them the right to pronounce who our next president should be?

Does it strike a sour note with anyone else than me that these people (or at least a percentage of the 9-11 victims) seem to be exploiting the attack to accumulate personal power? Does it worry anyone else that me that we are seeing this new group trying to accumulate more and more say in the governing of our nation, a say that is far out of proportion given their size?

When did loosing someone to terrorist attack mean that you should be compensated by the government instead of suing everyone and everything to death? When did being touched by the tragedy of the human condition guarantee that now you have veto power over national security decisions?

It bothers me greatly. Maybe I am just angry and paranoid, but I see a disturbing trend here....

And what about the victims of the next terrorist attack? Will we have interest groups arguing over who is more bereaved and whose victimization is more compelling and thus more deserving of power?
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