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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/8/2002 8:35:53 AM EST
I know we're all supposed to be a bunch of tough gun guys here. We aren't supposed to have *gulp* feelings. In the unlikely event that we DO have them (not me), we sure as hell aren't supposed to talk about them. Reading the thousands of posts and responses here for the past couple of years, I can tell you that I have noticed a shift in a lot of people's attitudes. It's not just here, it's everywhere. Many personal acquaintences are less open, angry, sad, or generally more frustrated these days. Everyone wants to hang onto the revenge/patriotism and believe that alone will get them through these trying times. 9/11 deeply affected all of us in ways that we are just starting to realize and understand. I sense a lot of depression. I don't quite know what to do about it in the context of the General Discussion on AR15.com. I've read some heart wrenching posts lately. I've heard some tragic stories and can only imagine putting myself into the author's shoes. I know how much of a struggle it is for me sitting here a thousand miles from NYC. I can't watch the tapes anymore. It does me no good. I can't get any angrier than I already am and have been. I can't grieve any more than I have grieved for the families and friends of the innocents and those who gave of themselves working at the scene. Regardless of the cause, depression is a real thing. It can and should be treated. Sometimes it's just a matter of counselling, but in more severe cases, it should be treated with medication, etc.. under a doctor's care. Especially in light of the events this past year. Rather than suffer quietly, I hope anyone who is suffering from depression or post-traumatic stress syndrome can seek out the help they need. Talk to your doctor. Talk to your minister/rabbi/priest. Talk to family. [url]http://www.learn-about-depression.com/index.php3[/url]
Link Posted: 9/8/2002 8:54:00 AM EST
I'm not depressed as long as I stay busy with the family, prayers, work, guns, pets.
Link Posted: 9/8/2002 9:20:47 AM EST
I find that it is not depression that I'm feeling instead I find myself getting increasingly pissed off. I'm pissed off that it's ok to strip search 70 year old men and women but not ok to question people who match the profile of terrorists. It pisses me off that a boy has his GI Joe confiscated because it has a plastic weapon. It pisses me off the Berkely is having a 9/11 memoria that specifically exludes everything patriotic or that mentions God. It pisses me off that a court ruled the pledge was unconstitutional. It pisses me off that Europe says we are partially to blame for 9/11. It pisses me off when countries that are part of the UN make buttons asking "What should we do with the US" It pisses me off that these same countries demand our troops and money but won't back immunity for them from the world court when they are carrying out those missions. It's a year later and the US hasn't learned a damn thing. If we have we certainly aren't speaking up about it!
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