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Posted: 8/29/2001 6:44:31 PM EDT
WorldNetDaily Tuesday, August 28, 2001 7 dead, no guns By Joseph Farah http://www.worldnetdaily.com The big story last week was the bloody massacre in Sacramento, Calif., where a Ukrainian émigré is suspected of slashing to death his pregnant wife and six other relatives, including three little children. Not only is Nikolay Soltys not suspected of using any guns in the commission of this heinous crime, police allege he killed his 27-year-old wife and unborn baby in her home, then traveled 15 miles to stab his second cousins – ages 9 and 10 – and their grandparents, before fleeing with his own 3-year-old son and later killing him as well. While I do not seek to politicize this tragedy, someone needs to point out the obvious. Men are capable of great evil – even mass murder – without the benefit of firearms. This incident should serve to remind us of that fact. It should also remind us that a firearm can serve as a great equalizer when victims are faced with the violent rages of a madman like Soltys. What would have happened if his wife had a gun? She might very well be alive today. Her unborn baby and his son might very well be alive. In fact, the grandparents and the little second cousins might still be alive. What would have happened if one of the grandparents were armed when Soltys stormed into their home intent on slashing them and the young children to death? It might have been a completely different story. "Oh, Farah," some of you are saying, "that's just a hypothetical. You don't know that. Maybe he would have taken the guns away and used them on his victims." Maybe so, but, of course, his victims are dead anyway, aren't they? A gun would have given them a fighting chance to ward off their violent attacker who was no doubt bigger and stronger than his victims. And the truth is everyday guns do save the lives of innocent people who might otherwise wind up like the poor dead victims in the Sacramento area. The September issue of our new magazine, Whistleblower, illustrates this other side of the gun story in vivid detail with compelling case studies and overwhelming statistical evidence. It is a keeper – a handy reference work, the kind of special report you will want to share with your friends, neighbors, family members and others who still accept at face value the hollow arguments of the gun-grabbers. Titled "Guns in America: Myth-busting research says firearms in more hands results in less crime," it shows clearly that where firearms are most restricted, crime flourishes and where firearms are more readily available, crime falls – often dramatically. The statistical proof simply confirms what has been evident anecdotally for years. For instance, years ago the women of Orlando, Fla., were terrified of being raped, since 33 women had already been raped in just one 9-month period. After people began flocking to gun stores to protect themselves, the Orlando Sentinel newspaper got together with the police to offer a firearms safety course.
Link Posted: 8/29/2001 6:44:59 PM EDT
It was all very well publicized. Everybody knew that in Orlando there was a multitude of women who had handguns and knew how to use them. The result was that in the following 9-month period, there were only three rapes. In addition, crime in general declined. The fact is, Orlando, Fla., was the only U.S. city with a population of over 100,000 that had a reduction in crime that year. You will also see documentation of facts you rarely if ever see published in establishment media sources. We constantly hear that America is the most violent nation among advanced industrialized nations in the Western world. How many times have you seen that claim go unchallenged? How many times have you accepted it at face value? Yet, the truth is just the opposite. A recent study by Leiden University in Holland found that the United States didn't even make the top 10 list of industrialized nations victimized by crime, per capita. England and Wales, however, where guns are severely restricted, ranked second overall in violent crime among industrialized nations. Violent crime is also high in Australia (where new gun restrictions are in place), Holland, Sweden and Canada, which all have, by U.S. standards, draconian limits on the private possession of firearms. I urge you to get the facts. Read Whistleblower's stunning report. Spread the word. Protect yourself, your family and your nation. Arm yourselves with the truth.
Link Posted: 8/29/2001 6:51:56 PM EDT
I think over-population is a much bigger cause of violent crime than ownership of guns. So in conjunction with this theory, I'm kicking my neighbors outta their houses and keeping my guns. :)
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