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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/21/2001 8:37:44 PM EST
well gentlemen. right now it is still the eve as it is the 21st of jun here in kalifornia. but in other parts of the world it is the 22nd. 60 years ago to this day and right now in the ukraine 06:30 hrs - lead elements of the land and air forces of the german third reich would of already started the blitzkrieg attack upon the 'rotten shack' of stalin's russia, to kick in the door and watch it all fall down. the ukrainians were welcoming the german army as liberators of a oppressive regime..... only to find out this was a war of annialation, to make liebensrom (?) for the greater germanic empire. the operation was delayed critical months as hilter and his occult ties wanted the victory to co-incide with the summer solstice. this miscalculation would bring germany to her knees. and yet like a moth to flame - the german spirit knew this confrontation with the bolshevic beast HAD to occurr. what bits and pieces of info do others have of this most fateful of german expansions? we all know how different things would of been had this not taken place. the campain in nord afrika, the west, england etc etc etc steve
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 5:06:50 AM EST
"the ukrainians had two boots that didn't fit, one from stalin and one from hitler." read it in a solzhenitsyn book, not sure if quote was his. the plan in the east could not have worked. even if the germans won the campaign, and successfully occupied all of eastern europe/western USSR, they would soon after realize that "passification" of the various peoples would be costly in lives, time and energy - at best. worst case, impossible. once the ukrainians realized that germany would not allow an independant sate, they organized a resistance. one such group, the ukrainian insurgent army or UPA, fielded 200,000 men and for a while in 1943 controlled most north-west ukraine. these groups fought against stalin's army at the same time! talk about about a david between a two-front goliath! anyway, hitler's plan was to exploit the oilfields of the USSR, and send it all back west to fight the allies. resistance groups like these would have delayed the plan for years, and the allies would have reached berlin from the west eventually.
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 1:51:43 PM EST
God your right, 60 years ago today. There has been a lot of water under the bridge since that day, and yet a lot has changed. The sole reason for the EU and Nato after all is to control Germany while at the same time fending off the Russians. They whole rest of Europe, while they dont like to admit it, lives in mortal fear of these two nations.
Link Posted: 6/23/2001 9:11:03 AM EST
It is a pity Americans hardly ever get the history of the Eastern Front. In intensity, it was almost a religious war. Hitler did misplay the Ukranians and other oppressed Soviet minorities. Even with that there were whole units of Ukranian and other minorities fighting Stalin. It was sad at the end of WW2 to see these valaint anti-communist forces delivered back to the Reds. I can just imagine what fates they sufferred.
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