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Posted: 10/30/2006 1:54:59 PM EST
Went to "early vote" on Saturday. Here in Tennessee you can do so, and it's a good thing 'cause I work (12 hour shift) on Election Day.

Tennessee is now using a new high-tech computerized voting system. When I went in to show my voter registration card and sign the roster I was given a 4 digit "PIN" number that I had to punch into the little laptop-looking voting thing in the booth. That number allowed me access to be able to vote. I'm sure it is to prevent someone from by-passing the registration table and just walking up to vote.

The 4 digit number printed up on a little receipt type paper that printed off after they entered your info. You took that little receipt thingy into the booth and entered those numbers into the actual voting machine.

My question is this: I thought voting was supposed to be totally anonymous, right? If a specific 4 digit number is printed off for YOU after YOUR info is entered and you in turn enter it into a machine a minute later to actualy vote, then it would seem to me that this "PIN" can be associated both with you and the choices you made. Hardly anonymous. Look, I don't care if the bastards know how I voted, but it's supposed to be anonymous is it not? I can foresee the possibility someday that a party in power (hmmm, maybe Hitlery?) just may want to know who did NOT vote for them.
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