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Posted: 2/25/2001 8:28:19 PM EDT
Just went to see 3000 miles to Graceland do not continue if you do not want to know the ending.

Weak/Stupid plot like most of Kurt Russel's movies. But also like most of his movies lots of fun. I expect box office success.

Kurt plays a wussy love interest who shoots guns as much as the ATeam and kills just as few.

Kevin Costner plays the evil psyco killer who betrays friends/buddies at the drop of the hat.

Ice T plays his typical bad ass role as the ultimate fighting machine and gets whacked in his first firefight.

Levits plays a sniviling whiney crybaby money launderer and we all cheer when he dies.

If you like firefight scenes this one rivals the bank escape scene from Heat with out the bothersome plot or quality acting.

How would I rate this movie. A must see just for the gun play alone.

It has a moral at the end which is that all a life of crime gets you is gun play and oh yea about 4.5 million dollars in cash and the girl.
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