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Posted: 12/31/2003 10:27:33 PM EDT
It's hard to believe the stuff that happened within the span of just a year. Things are moving so fast. I think on balance, this was a great year.  The previous two were pretty lousy times considering the near golden age of the 1990's.  Now it seems like we were on a reprise from history during the 1990's, a happy time between the Cold War and the shit stirring beneath the surface.  The closest analogy I can think of for the 1990's was the 1920's with the similar rude awakening in 2001 like we had in the late 1930's.  

But unlike the 1930's, we know a lot better how economics work, and we're less tolerant of totalitarians and in a position of great strength to nip them in the bud before they pose dire threats to the Western tradition of liberalism and capitalism.

Like in the 1940's, we are resolutly and robustly answering the threats facing us today. It is not as arduous as in the 1940's thanks to our military and economic strength built over 50 years and our leadership's recognizance of the rising danger.  Despite the temptations to believe this wasn't really a problem or that these dangers arose from our own faults, we struck at our enemies with admmirable strength and effectiveness.

So things are looking very rosy to me, I definitely think this nation is on the right path for America's future.  I hope you join me in a toast to the new year.  I'm sure it will be a grand one.

To victory.
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