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Posted: 1/2/2003 3:05:21 AM EDT
Could we possibly lose the war on terrorism?
Will the defeatist on our campuses have enough influence to see this through?
Will the media help them, if they aren't already?

Sometimes I think we are still not over Viet Nam.  God forbid if we take casualties now.  It is almost like we can only fight with long range weapons, with minimal risk to ourselves.  We are taking casualties though.  Over 150 KIA last year, by some accounts.  It is mostly reported on page three in my local paper.  In other papers, I'm not sure.

What if every death of a serviceman overseas made front page headlines?
What if every minor attack on our troops was reported as the big story on the networks?

So far it appears we are winning.
What if a group of slobbering at the mouth journalist, who hate us, finally get the press coverage they want us to see?  You know, only the negative aspects of our overseas deployment.  Like how many of our people are killed or injured, no mention of what happens to the enemy.  They will mention about how a stray round has killed or ghastly injured noncombatants.  How many babies did our troops kill will be the next news topic.

They seem to be sitting on their hands right now, the media and some of our elected officials.  Some have already jumped off.  Right now, 34 cities in this country have adopted official stands condemning the U.S.'s conduct of the war.  Another 60 are considering similar actions.

I hope to God this does not take hold.
We can not afford to lose this one.

Happy New Year
Link Posted: 1/2/2003 4:18:18 AM EDT
Lose? Or never win. As the "super power" of the world, we now have many enemies and I don't belive we could ever win the war on terrorism.

It isn't like the old days when you had the USA vs. the USSR and countries around the world would side with the super power that would benefit them the most.
While proxy wars were fought on various soils the the "cold war" remained just that because both sides new that a war between the two most powerful nations would have worldwide catastrophic results.

With the exception of a few allies, we stand pretty much alone and there are alot of countries and groups that absolutely despise the U.S. They know an all out assult, if they had the means to do it, on the U.S. would be a short lived skirmish. The logical choice in these circumstance would be terrorism. Minimal personell--maximum results. So far it has proven successful for them and they will continue these tactics.

These people are smart, dedicated, well funded, and possess an intense hatred for Americans---thus [b]severe[/b] motivation.

No, I don't believe we will win the war on terrorism and sad to say, it will only get worse.

They have proven they can touch the untouchable United States of America and will continue to do so.
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