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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/20/2002 4:55:44 PM EST
[url]http://www.concealcarry.org/freegun.htm[/url] Chicagoans are tired of being used for target practice by thugs The anti-gun owner movement has been touting that citizens should be only allowed one gun a month. At Concealed Carry, Inc. we agree and will give one gun a month away! Read on.... Therefore we will give one deserving Chicagoan a Kel-Tec P-32 each month. The Kel Tec is computer designed for maximum concealability and is the perfect choice for discreet self-defense or police backup. We hope to give the first one away by April 30th, 2002 so the sooner you enter the better. Some might be concerned that a gun given away might be used in a crime. Bullfeathers! We don't sell guns to criminals much less give them away to Mayor Daley's protected gang bangers. All winners will be background checked by the Illinois State Police as required by Illinois Law. Our concern is that given the murder rate in Chicago that someone won't have a gun when they need it. Use of lethal force to defend yourself from grave bodily harm or worse is still the law of the land in Illinois despite what Mayor Daley would lead you to believe. Yes, it is a city ordnance violation to have an unregistered hand gun in Chicago. But it's not a felony. Before entering this contest here are two links you should check out: Here is what you need to know to enter today: Send an email to john@concealcarry.org and tell us why you need a gun. Extra points if you are a female as you have the most to gain from being able to defend yourself. Include name and day time telephone. No long entry, just a sentence or two is fine. You must be a Chicago Resident and 21 years of age or older. You must have a FOID card and pass a Background check and wait 72 hours for delivery. 72 hour wait is mandated by Illinois Law, not by Concealed Carry, Inc. If you don't have a FOID card we will apply for one for you or you can do so by clicking here. The gun must be for your PERSONAL use only. We will provide free training by a certified NRA Pistol Instructor at the winners option. Your entry will be sent with all identifying data removed to our full members. They will anonymously select who they think is the most deserving. Criteria they may use: Gender, Disability, Threat to you, Finances, if you are currently unarmed, and how compelling your story is. The winners name will not be revealed by Concealed Carry, Inc. to our members, the press or Mayor Daley. An opportunity to speak to the press, confidentially, may be afforded you at your option. You are informed that is a violation of Chapter 8-20 of the Municipal Code of Chicago to have an unregistered handgun while a resident of "gun free" Chicago. We reserve the right to change the model gun given away (April 2002 it will be the Kel Tec pictured above). We also reserve the right to discontinue this outreach at any time and we will not give a gun away in a month in which we receive less than three entries. You may enter monthly but may only win one gun in a lifetime. All paperwork related to this transaction and delivery of the gun will be done in gun friendly Oak Brook, IL. If you want to become a member of Concealed Carry, Inc. Feel free to contact me or any current member! Steve Rainbolt [url]http://www.concealcarry.org/members/index.htm[/url]
Link Posted: 4/20/2002 5:04:59 PM EST
Can I have one? Oh wait, that would mean that I would have to move to Chicago. Never mind.
Link Posted: 4/20/2002 7:29:49 PM EST
Originally Posted By Johnny_Reno: Can I have one? Oh wait, that would mean that I would have to move to Chicago. Never mind.
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If you know what's good for you, stay away. Just being within 50 miles of the Daley/Devine proto-police state is dangerous to your liberty. Just thinking of Daley and his twisted giggle and cold dead eyes... yikes.
Link Posted: 4/21/2002 4:40:14 AM EST
Remeber, there are many good people in Chicago that are stuck behind enemy lines. This is kind of like when the US dropped the "Liberator" pistols into France for the resistance. :)
Link Posted: 4/21/2002 4:43:21 AM EST
A 32 ? Man I was shot once in Chicageo ! Those guys need to give away a mini-gun at least !
Link Posted: 4/21/2002 4:54:33 AM EST
Yeah give me one! Oh wait I'm the kind of person they don't wanna give a pistol...
Link Posted: 4/22/2002 3:56:44 AM EST
[url]http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/showcase/chi-0204220036apr22.story?coll=chi%2Dnews%2Dhed[/url] Handgun giveaway aimed at city's ban Group to offer pistol per month to Chicagoans A gun-rights group that called on supporters to attend Taste of Chicago with handguns concealed in fanny packs is planning another controversial promotion--giving away one handgun a month to a resident of Chicago, where handgun possession is illegal. Concealed Carry Inc., which has the motto "saving lives by arming citizens," is planning to start the giveaway in May with a semiautomatic .32-caliber pistol, said John Birch, president of Concealed Carry, based in Oak Brook. He compared the drive to an effort to push for gun owners' civil rights. "At this point it's a moral imperative that we act on that which we speak," Birch said. "The problem is here. Cook County and Chicago are the 800-pound gorillas in the gun-rights battle, and the people are dying here. That's where the work is to be done." Birch, who posted the promotion Friday on the organization's Web site, said the group's estimated 1,130 members will determine who receives the gun each month. Every applicant must be at least 21 years old, possess a firearm owner's identification card and pass an instant background check, Birch said. In addition, applicants must confirm on a federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms form that they are not a convicted felon, substance abuser or mentally ill. The penalty for lying on the form is a federal perjury charge. Finally, applicants must write a brief statement explaining why they deserve the gun, which retails for $300 and is designed as a plainclothes police officer's secondary weapon or "for concealed carry by licensed citizens," according to promotional material from the manufacturer, Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc. of Cocoa, Fla. Birch said members have agreed to fund the program, and the guns will be distributed to recipients in Oak Brook, which does not impose a ban on handgun possession. A spokeswoman for the City of Chicago corporation counsel's office said the city has no plan to deal with the gun giveaway but cautioned that the penalties for breaking Chicago's handgun ban are severe. "We take this very seriously," said spokeswoman Jennifer Hoyle, adding that city prosecutors routinely seek jail time for those who violate the ordinance. The maximum penalty for violating the handgun ban is 6 months in jail. Hoyle noted that offenders often receive 10-day jail sentences. "People have the right to disagree with the ordinance," she said, "but as long as they break these laws, they must face the consequences." Thomas Mannard, executive director of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence in Chicago, called the giveaway a stunt to build support for an issue the public continues to reject. Illinois is one of six states that prohibits citizens from carrying concealed firearms. Proposed legislation to allow concealed carry has failed repeatedly. "John is always talking about how law-abiding citizens should be able to carry concealed weapons," Mannard said. "Clearly, giving handguns to Chicagoans is not law-abiding. You should practice what you preach.
Link Posted: 4/22/2002 4:14:47 PM EST
Well if you've watched the news today, your probably saw John Birch on Channel 7 news. Also was on radio and newspaper of courese. This is our first shot in a pre-emptive strike against Chicago. As Chicago goes so does the State of IL. Stay tuned. And join in the fight if you live in IL. By the way we are having our shootfest next month May 19th. [url]http://www.concealcarry.org/shootfest2002.htm[/url]
Link Posted: 4/22/2002 6:14:27 PM EST
Good to hear SCR1, I have been posting this info onto the tribune message board, speading the word to the masses. Drop me a email or check your hotmail account, I sent a email to ya. arriazacarl@hotmail.com
Link Posted: 4/22/2002 6:38:38 PM EST
10-4 Carl. Sent you an email. This should give hope to the masses of Chicagoans that own guns or want to own guns for their protection!
Link Posted: 4/23/2002 6:38:23 PM EST
Free Keltec and even giving free instruction. Wow that's really nice. You know that if a firearms store offered a free course from a certified instructor, (IMHO) more people/ non-typical shooters. would probably buy from that store.
Link Posted: 4/25/2002 3:42:29 AM EST
We got ourselfs some stupid anti's trying shit! Yes, send your emails, send lots of them. Sure John picks ya for it, then he asks. " Got a FOID?" "Nope" is the leftists answer. Sorry jack, you are the weakest link! c-rock http://www.suntimes.com/output/richards/cst-edt-cindy24.html
Link Posted: 4/25/2002 3:44:45 AM EST
It's time for all good, law abiding, gun-opposing citizens to write a ''Dear John'' letter. That would be John as in john@concealcarry.org. This John is John Birch, president of Concealed Carry Inc. He's soliciting e-mails from would-be Chicago scofflaws. Concealed Carry Inc., as you might remember, is the group of gun promoters based in ''gun-friendly Oak Brook'' (their description, not mine). The group got its first 15 minutes of media fame last year when it urged people to bring concealed weapons to Taste of Chicago, the city's summer celebration. That stunt, supposedly a protest against the city's ban on private gun ownership, fizzled. Now Birch is back for another 15 minutes of fame. This time he is promising to give away one gun each month to some deserving Chicagoan. It's a publicity stunt, but one that I think deserves an overwhelming response from the general public. Since studies show that the vast majority of us oppose laws that allow people to walk around with concealed weapons--much to Mr. Birch's dismay--we should all take this opportunity to get one gun each month off the street. If enough of us apply for this ridiculous program, we can bury John in applications. In the best case scenario, one of us might win this gun lottery. Then, we can take the weapon to the nearest police station, turn it in and take one gun off the streets (while simultaneously draining Concealed Carry members of the $300 they spent in an attempt to increase the numbers of guns in circulation). At worst, John will be so overwhelmed by applications that he won't be able to sift through them looking for the legitimate ones. So, time to start writing. And here's what we have to say: Dear John: I am a single mother [the group gives extra points to females, the disabled, those who can claim they are being threatened] living in a particularly dangerous neighborhood of Chicago [you must be a city resident to qualify]. Three times last week, I heard gunshots on the streets outside my home [the more compelling the story, the more points you get]. I am worried for my safety and that of my kids. I believe that Mayor Daley's ban on gun ownership ensures that only the criminals get guns [Concealed Carry loves that]. I believe that your group is saving lives by arming citizens [effective use of the organization's motto]. I would buy a gun for myself, but all of my money goes toward feeding and clothing my two kids, both of whom plan a career in the military [offers financial sob story and denotes kids have futures that will include gun use]. If I am lucky enough to be deemed worthy of the free gun to be given away this month, I would happily apply for a Firearm Owner's Identification Card and submit to the instant background check. And I would be happy to go to Oak Brook to pick up the gun, so there is no need for any member of your organization to risk a trip into Chicago, the murder capital of the United States [nice reference to the organization's anti-Chicago stance]. Sincerely, OK, so it's a little slimy to urge readers to lie, to use the power of a major metropolitan newspaper to overwhelm a small, nonprofit organization. But my sliminess pales in comparison to this organization's efforts to increase the number of guns in circulation. So, don't delay. Write those letters today. The group hopes to give away its first gun by the end of this month. E-mail: cindyrichards@ameritech.net
Link Posted: 4/25/2002 4:16:35 AM EST
Here is my letter to this bitch. I read your Anti-freedom peice in the suntimes. Got to say, nice try. Really. Thing is, the mayor's pop got us a little thing back in the day. Its called a FOID. No FOID-NO GUN, or ammo, or even entering a public range in the Chicago area. Guess what else? It takes about 30 DAYS to get one from the state. Then you must go pick it up at the place of purchase, actually twice you must go there, first to fill out the app, check your FOID and DL out, then wait for clearance, then wait 72 hrs after that to "cool-off" and then come in to pick it up. So, nice try, but no cigar. Another thing, where are these studies you talk about? Next time you write something, put a link to what they are. Or did you make those up? I live in the NW burbs of Chicago, and I love what the good folks at conceal carry are doing. You mayor of Murder Capital USA is trying to push his failed policies out to here, (Des Plaines), and John is bringing the fight to him, and to Chicago. Fair is fair. Gun control does not work, and Chicago having "Murder Capital USA" hung around its neck is a great "Study" of that. c-rock
Link Posted: 4/25/2002 10:36:09 AM EST
It has ABC News looking at it. http://www.abcnews.go.com/sections/us/DailyNews/gungiveaway020425.html
Link Posted: 4/26/2002 1:41:02 AM EST
In case you haven't been paying attention. This thing has taken off nationally and even internationally. John Birch was on the BBC last night! We are hitting Chicago hard! As Chicago goes so does IL, if we can get even a small victory there then this whole giveawy will be worth the 300 bucks a month for the pistol. John will be on FOX NEWS CHANNEL tomorrow, Friday, April 26th at 1:30pm and then on Saturday and Sunday (April 27 and 28) on the FOXWire with Rita Cosby at 9pm CDT (Also FOX NEWS) debating a representative from the Brady Campaign. Please feel free to join our group as we need more members. Our group is committed to going on the offensive! Steve Rainbolt [url]http://www.concealcarry.org[/url] [url]http://www.concealcarry.org/members/index.htm[/url]
Link Posted: 4/26/2002 3:12:13 AM EST
Good to hear SCR1. give me a holla this weekend. c-rock
Link Posted: 4/26/2002 5:18:49 AM EST
I love those guys.
Link Posted: 4/26/2002 8:08:51 AM EST
From the ABC article: [b]They point to Concealed Carry's attempt last year to get members to carry handguns in fanny packs at the Taste of Chicago festival as a way to take advantage of an apparent legal loophole in the state's concealed weapons law. The group backed down after publicity surrounding the promotion raised the ire of law enforcement officials, and some members ended up bringing water pistols in their pouches instead. Birch said he didn't want to cause a commotion, just to make a point.[/b] Actually Concealed Carry did [i]not[/i] suggest that anyone carry a gun at Taste of Chicago. They wanted people to carry toy pistols as a sign of protest along with a copy of the law.
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