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Posted: 9/10/2001 11:12:01 AM EST
I saw a auto ordnance 10mm today at the gun shop. I've been wanting a 10mm in the 45 style for a while. The Colt's are just too damn expensive. Anyone know about the auto ordnance? What about any other's in the 10mm in the 45 style.
Link Posted: 9/10/2001 12:41:46 PM EST
Check out EAA Witness in 10mm. Not 1911 type though. It's a CZ75 clone. Full size/all steel. Single or double action. Can carry cocked&locked or hammer down. 10 rd mags. $270 wholesale...
Link Posted: 9/10/2001 12:41:47 PM EST
Originally Posted By edblevi: I saw a auto ordnance 10mm today at the gun shop. I've been wanting a 10mm in the 45 style for a while. The Colt's are just too damn expensive. Anyone know about the auto ordnance? What about any other's in the 10mm in the 45 style.
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colt has discontinued the delta elite, to the best of my knowledge....have heard good and bad about auto ord...1911 types....however...I personally would not hesitate to try one, and thought about but hav`nt yet....if you`re handy at all with 1911`s, you can make it work well most likely (that is- if it does`nt already) as the a-o`s were fairly well built.....I know some other "clones" with better reputations that were definitly pos....s-w made a 10...and glock still makes 10`s.....not sure who else does today.....I have a delta that works very good...the only minor drawback is ammo availability....not that bad though, especially if you reload.....there are also subsonic rounds available, but then you may as well have a 40.....the 10 is a real zippy round....but in today`s world, the 357 sig is probably right about with it....why not invest wisely up front...and have less regrets later?...[:)]
Link Posted: 9/10/2001 12:45:50 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/10/2001 12:46:35 PM EST by black-gun]
What I like about the 10 is that the ballistics remain good with the heavier bullet weights.....some guys claim to have taken deer with the 10...to me it is questionable, but i do carry as a sidearm and have used as a kill shot very effectively on wounded-downed deer........[smoke].....p-s....the e-a probably would be worth a try.....personally, I would have no problem with the a-o 10mm...even if it needed a "little work"
Link Posted: 9/10/2001 1:50:41 PM EST
When Black Talons first came out, there was a gun mag article where the author tested the 10mm by taking a deer with a Delta Elite.
Link Posted: 9/10/2001 2:09:44 PM EST
Originally Posted By AILapua: I feel that the Delta Gold Cup is a fine piece of gear. I do wish they were still manufactured. Nearly 19k through it and its still one of my favourites, next to H&K's of course.Ai
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Wow your gun did really good. My local range had a Colt 10mm Delta Elite as a rental gun, it last about 10,000 rounds. It broke the slide at 5,000, and the frame crack at 10,000 firing factory 10 ammo.
Link Posted: 9/10/2001 2:12:15 PM EST
In 1990 I bought a brand new Colt Delta Elite. To make a long story short it was a total POS. I had more feeding problem with it than any other 1911 type pistol I have ever owned. I broke the extractor twice, and seized the slide to the frame. I fired about 750 rounds through it and then called it quits. [b]This was the last Colt that I ever or will ever buy.[/b] I traded the Colt in on a new Springfield Armory. The Springfield was in .45 ACP. I found the Springfield to be two-thirds the price and twice the quality. The 10mm round is a great round, though I fear it will take the same road road as the .41 Mag in a few years. I have an early Auto-Ord 1911. I believe at one point quality of the Auto-Ord was quite bad. Then another firm bought the company out and the quality is alot better now. I haven't experienced the new ones, but am happy with my early Auto-Ord 1911 clone. OSA
Link Posted: 9/10/2001 2:53:06 PM EST
Originally Posted By AILapua: [The first 7 to 8.5k I fired were all factory. I now reload my own and all are book max. I have seen two other Elites that had similar problems as you described. Go figure. Ai
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You know what, I maybe on thin ice on this, but maybe the "book max" is still not quite a powerful as the factory 10s. I only load my 10mm ammo to adequately cycle the slide on my Colt Delta Elite, from what I can tell, it below 45ACP levels to prevent breaking extractors, firing pins etc. I guess the only way to settle your book max, is to chronograph your load to determine the velocity. I suspect it is probably not at factory levels. The 10mm is one big powerful medicine.
Link Posted: 9/10/2001 8:16:57 PM EST
I have 2 Glock 20's and love them. I don't like the way the S&W feels in my hand. I do like the way the 1911 style feels and wanted a 10mm in that frame. I guess I'll look at the AO again a little closer. If I bought a delta elite I probably wouldn't even shoot it (collector). I might also give the EAA another look. I have just heard not so good things about EAA as far as reliability. Thanks for the input:)
Link Posted: 9/10/2001 11:14:05 PM EST
i wouldnt trust an Auto Ordinace, especially an old one, and then in 10mm ... FORGET IT many companies, including Colt, stopped making the 10mm auto pistols cuz the caliber was too powerful and really BEAT UP the guns. which is probably the cause of the problems for OSA's 10mm 1911 problems. the 10mm is pretty much a 41mag stuff in a auto case, its 36% more powerful than a 45acp. the 1911 was made for the 45, NOT for the 10mm if you were to get this AO 10mm 1911, i would say to under load the 10mm or get a bar-sto 40cal barrel and stick it in.
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