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Posted: 8/24/2004 6:08:55 AM EST
...and the crime committed against Breaker Morant and company in the Boer War seems to be relevent to Najaf.

While driving to work I made the mistake of scanning past NPR. The few seconds "illuminated me" to the damage our forces have caused to the "Holy dome" by shrapnel (despite eyewitness accounts of Mahdist's doing the damage themselves). Of course, no regard is given for the contents of the dome, in this case, TERRORIST DEAD ENDERS.

How do you win a kinder and gentler war? When will they end al Sadr and his followers? The Iraqi Army isn't ready or capable of taking the shrine, so an American ground commander will end the stand off. He will certainly be rewared with infamy by our "allies." God forbid what the Democrats will do.

So I thought of this.

by Harry ("Breaker") Morant

In prison cell I sadly sit,
A crest-fallen chappie!
And own to you I feel a bit-
A little bit - unhappy!

It really ain't the place nor time
To reel off rhyming diction -
But yet we'll write a final rhyme
Whilst waiting cru-ci-fixion!

No matter what "end" they decide -
Quick-lime or "b'iling ile," sir?
We'll do our best when crucified
To finish off in style, sir!

But we bequeath a parting tip
For sound advice of such men,
Who come across in transport ship
To polish off the Dutchmen!

If you encounter any Boers
You really must not loot 'em!
And if you wish to leave these shores,
For pity's sake, DON'T SHOOT 'EM!!

And if you'd earn a D.S.O.,
Why every British sinner
Should know the proper way to go

Let's toss a bumper down our throat, -
Before we pass to Heaven,
And toast: "The trim-set petticoat
We leave behind in Devon."

At its end the manuscript is described -
The Last Rhyme and Testament of Tony Lumpkin -

First published in The Bulletin, 19 April 1902.
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