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Posted: 5/13/2004 12:39:17 AM EDT
Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the teachings of the Koran (SP?) and the teachings of Elijah Mohamed.

Or are they one in the same.

I was in the military with a SSgt. that  studied Islam. What’s the difference?
Link Posted: 5/13/2004 12:43:05 AM EDT
Expecting an subjective answer to that question here would be like asking if "assault weapon" ownership should be allowed on a VPC board.
Link Posted: 5/13/2004 12:52:19 AM EDT
[Yoda]Looking for the truth I am[Yoda]

Know thyin enemy!
Link Posted: 5/13/2004 12:54:42 AM EDT

Islaam and Farrakhanism compared
There are many groups in America who claim to represent Islaam and call their adherents Muslims. Any serious student of Islaam has a duty to investigate and find the true Islaam. The only two authentic sources which bind every Muslim are :
(1) The Qur'ân
(2) Sound Hadith (Sahih).

Any teachings under the label of "Islaam" which contradict or at variance with the direct beliefs and practices of Islaam from the Qur'ân and sound Hadith should be rejected and such a religion should be considered a pseudo-Islaamic cult. In America there are many pseudo-Islaamic cults , Farrakhanism being one of them. An honest attitude on the part of such cults is not to call themselves Muslims and their religion Islaam, such an example of honesty is Bahaism which is an offshoot of Islaam but Bahais do not call themselves Muslims nor their religion Islaam . Infact Bahaism is not Islaam just as Farrakhanism is not Islaam.


Islaam adheres to the belief of One Unique Allaah ,God, never appeared in any physical form, hence no physical representation is possible. Farrakhanism believes that God appeared in the person of W. Fard Muhammed, July 1930; the Masiah of the Christians and the 'Mahdi' of the Muslims.

Islaam adheres that Mohammed (peace be upon him) is the last prophet of Islaam, no messenger or prophet will come after Mohammed (peace be upon him). Farrakhanism believes that Elijah Mohamed was the messenger of God (are there any more messengers or prophets to come?? not clear).

Islaam believes that life on earth as we know it will come to an end; it will be followed by the hereafter which includes physical resurrection of the entire humankind, judgement and the life of paradise or hell. Farrakhanism on the other hand believes that the resurrection of the dead , not a physical one, but in mental resurrection, no already physically dead person will be in hereafter, that is a slavery belief taught to slaves to keep them under control.

Regarding the Qur'ân it was revealed to Mohammed (peace be upon him) between 610 and 632 , is the last revelation of Allaah to mankind. However Farrakhanism is contradictory in this topic , it believes in the Qur'ân but at the same time it believes that they are the writers of the Bible and Qur'ân and that they make such history once every 24000 years by twenty four of their scientists (a weird conspiracy theory of sorts)

The Shahadah in Islaam is the declaration that Allaah the unseen, He is the Creator, The Sustainer, Mankind is accountable to Him Alone, and prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). Farrakhanism believes that the Shahadah is a cover to deceive gullible Muslims, and that the prophet Mohammed was not a role model for our times , instead believe that Elijah Mohamed is the model and law giver for our times . (Astaghfarullaah)

Islaam believes in Praying five prayers a day which includes qiyam (standing), Rukoo' (bowing), Sajdah prostration), Jalsa (sitting on the floor, and recitations. Farrakhanism doesn't believe in praying five times a day , and when done it has no Rukoo' (bowing) and no Sajdah (prostration). Friday prayer is a major congressional prayer , not for salat (prayer)  but to say Duaa' (to wish for something) and to listen to the minister.

Islaam believes that Zakat is required on accumulated wealth after a possession for one year above certain limits given to the needy. In Farrakhanism it is a tax as a 'poor due' on income (who benefits?)

Islaam believes that Muslims should fast in the month of Ramadan, ninth month of the Islaamic calendar. However Farrakhanism believes that fasting is only required during December and fasting in Ramadan is optional.

Islaam requires Hajj once in a lifetime , providing if conditions of finances, health and safety of travel are met. However in Farrakhanism it is not a requirement.

In Islaam the lawful and unlawful is determined by Allaah in the Qur'ân or by the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) recorded in sound authentic Ahaadeeth. In Farrakhanism the lawful and unlawful are determined by W. D Fard and Elijah Mohammed. The Qur'ân and the prophet in Farrakhanism have no relevance or authority with regards of lawful and unlawful.

An interesting piece of information we gathered from Ex-Nation believers is that Farrakhan went to Hajj recently not because he believed in Hajj , but to fool the Saudis to get financial help, ,so he was forced to say the Shahadah in Saudi Arabia, however since he did not believe in it , as soon as he ended his Hajj , he denounced his Shahadah

They both need to cease to exist IMHO.

Link Posted: 5/13/2004 1:23:58 AM EDT
Once again I have to say thank you google.

thank you sgtar15
I also went to the all great search engine and found the same web page.
Lot of interesting info there. Lots of Oh Oks and I did not kow that's after reading it.

Basically the same religion just one takes from the other what they want to believe.

Religious Cults kind of fishy to me.
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