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Posted: 1/26/2014 10:51:13 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/26/2014 11:01:16 AM EDT by RED_5]
I'm learning quite a bit about my new home theater set up

one thing that puzzled me for a week now, after getting my "new" Sony AVR with 3D passthrough (older unit had hdmi, but wouldn't work with 3D))
I was only seeing LPCM as the audio format using HDMI cable (yes, it's high speed and works okay with 3D), which, according to what I've been reading, was THE cable to use for 7.1.
I have seen a few other audio formats on the display, but nothing matching the claimed format on the Bluray box.
(TrueHD, as an example)

I checked all my AVR and BRD settings over and over again.. no help.
I went digging in several AV forums looking for answers.

I discovered that the order in which the units were powered on, was the problem.

The AVR needs to be on before the BRD

low and behold, it does work, I see the channels now and TrueHD is shown right there.  Sound is much more incredible as well, which
was a surprise in itself, as it already sounds better than my older 5.1 AVR.

I hope this helps someone else.

TL;DR (?)   Turn on your AVR before your BRD = Win
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