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Posted: 3/2/2001 9:36:27 PM EDT
Gecko45  -- Mall Ninja -- SpecialForces

O, the disillusionment.  I haven't felt like this since some a**hole told me about Claus-san.

Where will I go in life, now that my aspirations are nothing but dust collecting on my shot-filled gloves?

Will I drift like those air-caught plastic bags swirling in the building eddies?

How 'm I gonna justify looking up the escalator (for goods the young females have hidden beneath clothing, of course)?

What do I do to replace the adoration I once enjoyed from those pubescent pretties? Or the adrenalin rush that came from busting in on one who took more than 3 items into the dressing room?

What's next??   You turds gonna tell me that one of the WWF stars is suspected of faking it once in a while???

You want those dressing room videos back?

Molon Labe!!!!

Wouldabeen Mall Ninja  [V]
Link Posted: 3/2/2001 10:13:03 PM EDT
Have faith, little buddy, for we are not far away. We will remain in the shadows watching and waiting to preserve the sanctity of the malls and all those who enter them.

P.S. Yes, I will take the dressing room videos.
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