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Posted: 11/21/2012 10:51:44 AM EST
I was involved in a single vehicle accident this morning on the way to work. I was going out of the housing gate to get to main base, Luke AFB. A Red Chevy Blazer, heading EAST bound on Glendale Ave, wasn't going to stop at his red light, so I had to hit the brakes on my bike (Kawi Ninja ZX6R). In doing so, the bike pushed me over and landed on me. No vehicle contact. I'm fine, nothing serious, just a sore back. The guy came back and apologized. I walked away because I wanted to hit him. I was taken to the hospital and released in a couple of hours. I shouldn't have ignored the guys apology. His statement to the SFS and Glendale PD was he was heading WEST bound and witnessed it all. When I made my statement and heard what the other guy said, I called BS on it. I'm not saying I want to sue or anything, but for one, he's questioning my integrity and two, he's a gown ass man about mid 30's who doesn't want to own up to this being his fault for blowing the red light. Why would he come back and apologize if he was heading WEST bound and just witnessed it? I didn't fall because I wanted to. I hope your balls fall off, asshole, since you didn't use them to own up to blowing through the red light causing my accident this morning. FUCK YOU!!!
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