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Posted: 3/20/2017 10:59:27 PM EDT
Is there any way I can get a correction made to my DD214? I was discharged from the Navy almost 25 years ago. When I was discharged, I was credited with 2 extra years of active duty service (they listed my entry 2 years prior to my actual enlistment). I brought it up at the time but was basically told that my service record wasn't wrong, I was. I was discharged on a Friday afternoon and told if I wanted to argue about it, I could come back on board Monday morning. When I returned home, I contacted my county VA rep. After several weeks, he called me back and said all I had to do was give him the original and he would send it in for correction. I declined as I wasn't willing to surrender the original to have it sent who knows where.

    I tried to find the answer online, and see references to a DD215, but it looks like that can only be issued within 3 years. Numerous other searches turn up dead links or refer you back to your last command. My last command is no longer in service. Any ideas?
Link Posted: 3/20/2017 11:08:19 PM EDT
Submit a DD-149 to the VA for correction of your military record. Good luck buddy
Link Posted: 3/20/2017 11:18:37 PM EDT
That appears to be what I'm looking for. Should be cakewalk . Thank you!
Link Posted: 4/2/2017 5:16:40 PM EDT
I did it a couple of decades ago.  DD215 is the correction to the DD214.
(They missed a school.)
Link Posted: 4/4/2017 6:11:01 PM EDT
Timely question...I was wondering that same thing this afternoon.  Mine is missing a promotion and an ARCOM.  For some reason I was promoted between the time I got off active duty and when I resigned my commission.
Link Posted: 4/8/2017 10:40:03 PM EDT
I'll be looking to do a correction eventually in order to add my retirement MSM to my record, as well as the appropriate number of campaign stars to my Iraq Service Medal.
Link Posted: 4/16/2017 11:31:11 PM EDT
Look for your service's Board of Military Corrections. You'll readily find the info and links to the form(s) you need.

I had a medal from Gulf War I added a year or so ago, 18 years after my retirement. One form, some copies of verifying documents, and it sailed through.
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