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Posted: 10/7/2012 10:53:14 AM EDT
I called a self-proclaimed Libertarian out on his hypocritical BS today.  It blew his mind and he deleted me as a 'friend'.

We met in college, he separated from the Army after 7 years, and I was medically retired around the same time as he left.  

We first met in an entry level chem course where he made fun of a flamboyant gay kid numerous times.  Now, he has an anti chick-fil-a cartoon on his FB page.  

Whenever we would talk about the military, he couldn't stop telling me how much he "fucking hates the military."  Yet, every time we talked to a fellow classmate (or even the entire class), he would LOVE to brag about, "When [I] was in the Army."  On his FB page, he has multiple anti military cartoons and then in the next picture is him wearing his ACU pants and sand shirt while fishing with friends.

The irony.....he would always give me shit for supporting Romney because, "he flip flops and is a liar."  Our debates quickly turned to personal attacks after he knew he had nothing but the same 2 arguments.  I called him out on how he criticizes Romney for flip flopping and yet his entire life is based on the newest day's slogan.  That put an end to that 'acquaintance'.

Are all Paulbots as hypocritical as this kid?  I'm posting here because I know if I text him, I'm going to regret it.

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