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Posted: 5/6/2003 1:26:46 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/7/2003 5:34:56 AM EDT by Winston_Wolf]
... Add more if ya got 'em!

[i][size=2]“I get the stuffed monkey. He’s mine; it’s payback time for the one that bit me in Apache Junction.”

“Look, I found a piece of “Tickle me Elmo.”

“Get some shade dude; you’re looking pretty red.”

“Fuck it.  What’s adventure without danger? Besides I got sutures and morphine in my Molle gear. Hoowah”

“Hey, take your ears off. Listen to this silenced 50 BMG.”

“Damn, sure as Hell, I don my “high speed low drag” gear just as the Sheriff shows up. I really look like a redneck.”

“Quick, someone take a picture of that Sheriff shooting the NFA Thompson machine gun full-auto. We’ll PhotoShop him with a Budweiser in the other hand and we’ll all have letterheads!

“I seen ya eye-fuckin’ it, go ahead and put a belt through her!

“Here, gimme it, I’ll clean that AR so you can eat off it.”

“This API sabot round will punch clean through it.”

“The Mogadishu Mile went down pretty much like it did in “Crash Hawk Down”, Hoowah.”

“Maybe we should move that Tannerite out a little farther.”

“Judging by the size of their canopy, I’d guess those DMGC dudes have done this before.”

“Here, I brought your MAC-10 out for a conjugal visit.”

“He appropriated his NFA weapons from the dinosaur days.”

“Hold my cigar while I mix this Tannerite.”

“I brought out some MRE’s for chow but sure, I’ll take a cheeseburger.”

“I haven’t shit solid since Gulf War I.”

“Got anything I can put this scorpion in?”

“Yo! Bring that Tannerite back, you need to mix it with the catalyst first.”

“Hey, is this pee on my tire?”

“Put something between you and the Tannerite (MOAB) just in case.”[/i][/size=2] (See picture below for the barrier she chose.)


Link Posted: 5/6/2003 2:03:40 PM EDT
SOunds pretty damn awesome.
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 2:35:10 PM EDT
Originally Posted By PONY_DRIVER:
SOunds pretty damn awesome.
View Quote

Oh, it was. Can't think of any to add Winston.
BTW, is this the place you got that stand?
If not, they look damn close.
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 3:07:34 PM EDT
I'm gonna have to go to one someday, and add my sick, twisted sociopathic words of ungodly wisdom into the mix. I'll show you amateurs what quotes should be...
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 3:11:09 PM EDT
Jason: I cut the index finger off my nomex gloves so I can pick my nose.

Jessica: Really!

Jason: Yeah, my nostrils aren't big enough to get my finger in with the glove covering it.

Jessica: Oh!

Wife: Shut up and leave the poor girl alone!
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 3:11:21 PM EDT
No pics of the boom, booms??
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 3:17:24 PM EDT
Plenty of pics in the Hometown section threads.
The pics and movie hosted by CavArms still work, stuff on the ar15 photo server still no worky.
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 3:26:36 PM EDT
Quote from SPECTRE.....
"SON OF A BITCH !!!!"  and various other obscenities hurled while slaving at work while others shoot.
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 3:53:46 PM EDT
Overheard: Ya wanna shoot it?
Go ahead, but I ain't loadin' the damn thing for ya!

Most repeated to Sheriff: Ya know, were not doing anything ILLEGAL here!

Most repeated: (tie) A little higher/lower/to the left/right! OR, I gotta get one of those!

Link Posted: 5/6/2003 4:16:27 PM EDT
[b]"I seen ya eye-fuckin' it."[/b]

I'll just be adding that one to my repertoire.[:P]
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 4:39:44 PM EDT
Really glad u guys had fun!!!
Sounds GREAT!
Link Posted: 5/7/2003 5:16:41 AM EDT
“I seen ya eye-fuckin’

Nice, I will use this later today.
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