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Link Posted: 5/30/2011 7:59:46 AM EDT
I've used multiple versions of DeWalt cordless for several years, their 12 and 18v nicads, and the 18v Lithium. Residential work, home/audio and automation integration. Also installer for DirecTV, and some other work. I drilled countless holes in studs, concrete, steel studs/panels, and brick walls. I've attached several 10's of thousands of bolts and screws to wood, brick, and concrete. Well, maybe 100's of thousands. That being said, when I got my first Milwaukee tool it was like stepping up to professional tools from hobbyist. I've primarily used their drills, hammer drills, and impact drivers. I got an impact driver as a reward for hitting a sales target, and haven't looked back.

I used to love the DeWalt tools, as I had moved up from Ryobi. I just got an M18 combo pack of Milwaukee to round out my replacement of DeWalt tools and take the place of the company tools I had at the last job. I LOVE their impact driver. The above poster was correct on the sawzall usage of batteries. However the impact driver about runs forever on an extended battery, and the hammer drill is truly impressive for a cordless. As mentioned earlier the charge level indicator is very useful. I thought it was a novelty when I first saw it; now I won't have a tool without it.

Did I mention I love the impact driver? I now have two; one came in the combo pack and it was worth it to get the combo price on the other tools. 3 year warranty on the batteries, btw.

Protip: It is amazing how many tradesmen don't know that an impact driver is for driving attachments-bolts, screws, etc. A drill is for drilling holes. I know most of you contractors and tradesmen must know this. Just thought I'd put it out there.

My .02.
Link Posted: 5/30/2011 8:10:43 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/30/2011 8:15:06 AM EDT by itstock]
Originally Posted By Atomic_Ferret:

Originally Posted By itstock:
Originally Posted By Atomic_Ferret:

Originally Posted By itstock:
You can have a brand where this happens..

Or you can have this...


Milwaukee M18.

Also, for me, having a battery gauge (not to mention a reliable battery like Milwaukee offers) is a HUGE advantage over the Makita which has no battery gauge. It sounds like something stupid, but it is really nice to have when you use them professionally, every day.

Dude, how did you get a pic of my toolbag?

How does the right angle drill work for ya? Next on my list.

I have
Hammer Drill

Driver (awsome for wall plates, drywall screws and all the little jobs)
Hackzall (Best drywall saw ever!)

Gonna get the M18 radio, right angle drill and inspection camera (I do a lot of retrofit wiring).

These are how I make my living, they get beat on daily and have been holding up great.

Retired my 7 year old Makita combo kit a couple of months ago and bought these. Worth every penny so far.

The right angle drill with the red lithium works great for drilling holes in studs, 7/8" paddle bit. I just put pressure with my knee and keep the trigger pulled as I'm drilling holes. It's a real high RPM drill, but it doesn't have lots of power, so a good bit is necessary. It feels like it spins faster than my hammer drill (but again, nowhere near the torque).

I have the makita 18v grinder and it absolutely blows. You can't cut anything with it, without it shutting off. The m18 grinder is next on my list.

For M12, I have the

inspection camera (and honestly, I'm not super pleased with the camera, the picture quality is excellent, but it doesn't have the attachment points like my old broken Rigid did for putting hooks on it, mirror, or magnet). But it has saved my ass lots and lots of times.
HAMMER DRILL (this thing is badass, just like the impact is badass)
driver (this is actually my dedicated wirenut gun, I use the 3m/ideal tans that come with the blue socket, and that stays on the driver)
palm nailer (for boxes and new work recessed lights, it's got to be dead on with the nail, but it works quick)
RADIO (the m12 radio isn't anywhere near as loud as the m18, but it's tiny and can take a beating)

AND last, but not least, it's one of the best tools ever....

MULTIMASTER! I love my m12 multimaster, gobs and gobs of power and it replaced my POS Bosch multimaster

I'm just waiting for Milwaukee to come out with m12 or m18 ratcheting cutters and crimp tools and I think I'm set to go for a little while. Also, not m12/m18, I have their new meter that replaced a good fluke that stopped working (ended up just being bad battery leads) and I'm keeping the Milwaukee instead of the fluke. It's a VERY nice meter.

And to farther address the Milwaukee V/M28 lineup, the tools are too heavy with minimal gains in battery life and tool performance over Red Lithium M18. My brother bought the new M28 hammer drill and batteries to replace his old V28 hammer drill/sawzall/circsaw kit, and while they make the V28 tools in to good tools (I was never impressed with the V28 power, it was just the battery life), the lineup stops there (plus a couple more,bandsaw, impact wrench, etc). They are just too heavy with too few tools. I'd skip the M28 tools and stay with M18.

The grinder works really well, was just using mine yesterday to cut out the floors in a cart project I am working on. ALMOST as powerful as my corded (Makita) grinder.

I am kinda torn between the M12 and M18 radios. The m12 one is tiny and I have more m12 then m18 batteries, but the big one sounds so much better. My current Makita one sounds great but no Aux in jack for my ipod (mandatory when you are spending a couple of days in a basement trimming out panels and there is no reception down there)

Milwaukee does have M12 ratcheting cutters, both for copper and PVC.

I don't know how long the m18 radio lasts on battery, but the m12 lasts about 6 hours. Also, I have an evo and it won't fit in the ipod compartment, so if you are using a phone as your radio, just be aware of it's dimensions. As you said though, the sound is nowhere near the m18 level. Another huge plus of the M18 radio is it can charge the phone/ipod as it plays, wish the M12 did that.

For ratcheting cutters, I am talking cable cutters. They might be releasing something soon.

Lastly, I buy most of my tools from CPO tools.

CPO Milwaukee
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