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Posted: 1/26/2009 7:43:08 AM EDT
Link Posted: 1/26/2009 3:16:53 PM EDT
Well anyone would be better for us than Joaquin Jackson. It is good to see people who actually support the 2nd running for Board seats as opposed to those who sit on the Board and just pay lip service to it.
Link Posted: 1/26/2009 4:20:37 PM EDT
Congrats Joe!! I'll make sure you get at least a few SUNY votes
Link Posted: 1/27/2009 7:40:16 AM EDT

Good luck and thank you.  

I can't afford to pony up the lifetime membership, but I joined the the NRA this year and will continue to pay yearly dues until I can vote just so that I vote for someone like you.

I'm glad to see an arfcom member put his hat in the ring.

Is the other arfcom endorsee a member, too?
Link Posted: 1/29/2009 5:34:20 PM EDT
I may have to Join the NRA now. I have been sending my money to other organizations because the NRA has compromised so much, to gain very little.  I am encouraged to see some Black Rifle advocates taking some leadership.  Count me in, but I will be watching.
Link Posted: 1/30/2009 6:19:57 AM EDT
What's the deal on voting for the directors? I've been a member for years, but I've never received a ballot. Do you go online or something?
Link Posted: 1/30/2009 6:28:06 AM EDT
Thanks, Joe. I'll BOL.
Link Posted: 2/1/2009 1:22:33 AM EDT
They'll have my vote. Now what about all the others who we need to vote for? Who does ARFcom/Site owners support?

Link Posted: 2/1/2009 7:49:46 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/3/2009 5:35:39 AM EDT
As a member of the NRA Board and a friend of both Joe and George I can assure you they will both be an asset to the NRA in the fight for the 2nd Amendment.

Tom King
NRA Board Memebr
NYSRPA President
Link Posted: 2/10/2009 8:16:22 AM EDT
I joined the NRA back in 1993/1994 however couldnt afford to renew my membership since I got riffed out of the USMC. I recently went to the NRA website and asked for help in identifying my membership number so that I can renew. that was about two weeks ago, I still have not had a reply.

More of the same......

Link Posted: 2/11/2009 2:40:39 PM EDT
Hey Guys,
    There is a full steal your weapons gun ban in the stimulus bill.  If it passes, they will have declared all highways public parks.  Therefore demanding full confiscation of firearms.
Link Posted: 2/12/2009 6:02:48 AM EDT
Hey Guys,
    There is a full steal your weapons gun ban in the stimulus bill.  If it passes, they will have declared all highways public parks.  Therefore demanding full confiscation of firearms.

Could you provide a little documentation or reference to where you heard/read this?  
Link Posted: 2/14/2009 4:11:50 PM EDT
To qoute Hebrew_Battle_Rifle:

"Having the NRA represent gun owners before Congress is like having your mother in law represent you in a divorce hearing."

Why bother.  These clowns are as much weasels as the politicians.  The Second Ammendment is not about hunting.  Hunting was a way of life when it was written.  Meat didn't come nicely packed in Styrofoam.

The Second Ammendmentment is about the defense of the Constitution and the rest of the Bill of Rights.

The NRA will never protect your rights.  Watch and see. They pander to the party in power.  I bet they will support Obama's reinstatement of the Clinton era "Assualt Weapons Ban" if the Dems are still in power after the 2010 elections.

Don't waste your time and money.  The NRA blows!!!!

Link Posted: 2/18/2009 8:39:35 AM EDT

FWIW, There is a person whom I think deserves serious consideration as an NRA board memeber.

His name I Owen 'Buz' Miles. He is currently the owner of Gunsite Training Accademy.

I have met him in the past as a student of gunsite. I have always been very impressed with his attitude, commitment and dedication to gun ownership, and shooting in general.sp

Perhaps some Arizona folks can chime in for more input.

edit for sp
Link Posted: 2/18/2009 9:42:29 AM EDT
Thanks for the tip never new who to vote for. Its better to vote and try, then do nothing and be defeated.

For your amusement

Link Posted: 2/19/2009 4:21:15 AM EDT
you can count on my vote...
Link Posted: 2/20/2009 6:48:03 PM EDT
"While some may feel that the NRA has not been a strong advocate of "black rifles", we hope to dispel that myth, and give you a chance to change that misconception. This year we are endorsing a couple of really strong black-rifle advocates in their run for the NRA Board of Directors: Joseph P. DeBergalis, Jr. and George K. Kollitides."

I remember when the NRA didn't support those who legally owned full auto or former military service weapons not to mention military type fire arms. Just like Zumbo.

While I dropped my support of the NRA a couple of years ago over issues shuch as those above I'll wait and see how they(NRA) stands on the issue. And in regard to the Zumbo affair they did note how the members of AR15.com went after him but they didn't show a lot of support in how they reported it.

We'll see.
Link Posted: 2/20/2009 8:32:24 PM EDT

His correct name is Owen "Buz" Mills....He is fine choice and a staunch advocate of the Second Amendment.  The "Ravens" are a fine group of people!!!


Thanks for taking on this challenge and I hope we get you seated!  

I'll add Mr. Mills to the list of ones we can trust...
Link Posted: 3/18/2009 4:28:46 PM EDT
I have been a NRA annual member for thirty years, and just took advantage of the family sponsorship for a life membership thanks to my nephew who joined as a life member of NRA this year.  I just sent my NRA Ballot in today, with your suggestion of Joseph Debergalis and George Kollitides.  These are the only ones I voted for this time around.

I am very proud, and happy to now be a life member of the NRA, regardless of what the naysayers have to say.  Hmm, let me see 70 rounds (or less) of .223, or a yearly membership to an organization that has clout in the national arena.
Link Posted: 3/20/2009 4:04:48 PM EDT
I am a continuing contributing member and I am glad you are finally fighting for black rifles. The other concern is the ammunition. They are coming after it instead of the guns. What are you planning on doing about that?

Link Posted: 4/2/2009 2:34:04 PM EDT
Glad to see these two on the ballot.
Link Posted: 4/4/2009 11:49:17 AM EDT
Sent my ballot in for Joe and George.  Also voted  for Ron Barrett of Barrett firearms.
Link Posted: 4/21/2009 11:00:25 AM EDT
Sent my ballot in for Joe and George.  Also voted  for Ron Barrett of Barrett firearms.

+1 did the same.
Link Posted: 4/21/2009 12:38:40 PM EDT
Joe, my apologies, but I've been off the site for more than a month... when will we hear anything?

I assume you'll know a little sooner, but I won't ask about that.

Link Posted: 4/21/2009 12:38:41 PM EDT
[dangit, you can tell I'm out of practice]

Link Posted: 4/23/2009 7:44:59 PM EDT
I was scolded today for not being an NRA member by my gun dealer.  So I chose the lifetime easy pay plan this evening.  Thanks for standing up for our rights.  You have my support.  
Link Posted: 4/28/2009 5:22:24 AM EDT
[wipes away a single, solitary tear]

Congratulations, Joe.  It couldn't have happened to a better guy.

Link Posted: 2/11/2010 6:54:56 PM EDT

I just found out about this from Joe posting in the VA HTF... congrats Joe!

Last I remember, two arfcommers, Old_Painless & BamaShooter IIRC, were going to run. Much drama ensued, they said "no, nevermind," and the effort fizzled out.

Glad to see something positive came of the situation!

I've been an NRA life member for about 25 yrs (Endowment Life now)... glad I'll have someone to vote for now, instead of just guessing at how the candidates might differ.

Link Posted: 2/13/2010 11:42:23 AM EDT
NRA Life Member here.

I bought Life membership for my two sons as well.

Joe supports the America way.

To Joe
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