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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 6/14/2012 2:35:58 PM EDT
I have a ? Im thinking about getting a 1-4x and some offset sights and i didnt know if the people who run that kind of setup buy the iron sights that are made offset or get offset picatiny rails to mount ob the standard rail and put whatever buis on those?
Link Posted: 6/15/2012 2:12:29 AM EDT
On something like offset iron sights I would imagine the fewer the parts, the better. So I'd look at the one piece systems like Duecks or something similar. I think KAC even has a set that folds if that is important to you.

Link Posted: 6/15/2012 4:56:49 AM EDT
I built a home made rail similar to a BoMar rib, and found that I can shoot a "pistol" sight picture better than an aperture sight for roll over... you might dummy up something out of cardboard first...don't know if anyone makes one, but there are 45degree mounts that can be adapted for a dovetailed set of pistol sights...I ended up with the heavier rail as a mill cut down the back gave me good alignment on the forend, as I had problems with a previous DIY attempt with separate front and rear sights
Link Posted: 6/15/2012 7:23:32 AM EDT
That makes sense i will look into those. Thanks
Link Posted: 6/15/2012 11:49:42 AM EDT
Link Posted: 6/15/2012 2:03:37 PM EDT
Those are the ones i was looking at to run with a 1-4x scope
Link Posted: 10/14/2012 11:35:12 AM EDT
I just got these and am very happy with them so far. Sighted in easily and are holding it well. Add to that they are less than a quarter of the cost and i cant tell the difference between them and the Deucks. Im using them in a match for the first time this weekend and Ill let you know how the run.

Link Posted: 10/14/2012 12:40:34 PM EDT
Only my experience, but I have never had, nor felt the need for offset sights when I had a
scope with 1x on the bottom. That is kinda why we buy them!

Link Posted: 10/16/2012 1:27:06 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/16/2012 1:28:28 PM EDT by Glockfan]
Originally Posted By MGKelley:
Only my experience, but I have never had, nor felt the need for offset sights when I had a
scope with 1x on the bottom. That is kinda why we buy them!

Agreed. I put them on a work rifle because optics fog when you go from a hot enviroment to a cold one or vice versa. But for the game I don't see it unless your running a higer mag scope with more than 1x on the bottom.
About the only time I can see it helping is if you have a shootng station where you have to shoot close and far without movement in between. Running the throw lever is like a reload to me so I only like to do it if I have a few steps to move it.
Link Posted: 12/10/2012 2:50:04 AM EDT
I'd like to find a set of offset mounts to use with my MagPul fold down sights. Any recommendations? I don't want to buy new sights just the rails.
Link Posted: 12/10/2012 11:19:54 PM EDT
I used daniel defense 45 degree mounts.
Link Posted: 12/11/2012 8:26:37 AM EDT
followup to post #3 above... you might get a few comments, but this solved some parallax problems on an original DIY roll over attempt....originally used on a fixed 4x32 TA01 without fiber optic...the rail has been removed since switching to a fiber optic TA31F where I can use the BAC red chevron up close

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