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Posted: 3/3/2012 11:31:18 PM EDT
I have been shooting 3 Gun for about a year and half now. I have been using a stock Bushmaster and was starting to get pretty good with it. Just this week I had my gunsmith install a Rock River 2 stage, tune it to 3.5lbs and added a PRI MSTN comp. I went to the range today to re-zero and got her dialed in. I didn't bring a whole lot of ammo, only 1 magazine. It only took 9 rounds to zero, so with the remaining 21 rounds I set up a target at 15 yards to see how the comp would help my double taps. It did not. Before the upgrades, I could throw 2 rounds as fast as my finger could pull and they'd hit about an inch apart. Today, first shot would hit the mark with the 2nd round 3 to 4 inches low.

My questions to you, are there drills or something I can practice to speed up my the learning curve for these upgrades? Or is it simply shooting more and more and let the timing come?

Thanks in advance for the help,
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Link Posted: 3/6/2012 1:56:16 AM EDT
My sights are dropping at each shot. Every trigger pull and the muzzle drops 3-4 inches. I think you may be partially right about me overcompensating with my grip. the more I think about it I feel ike i just need more trigger time to get my timing down and get used to a rifle that shoots completely different from what I am used to.

Can you recommend any drills or techniques I can practice to get through this faster
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[Last Edit: 3/6/2012 9:49:17 AM EDT by Chris_Andersen]
Tension in your grip is likely causing you to pull that second shot low. You should have a VERY light grip on the gun and not be doing anything other than watching how your sights/reticle when the shot breaks. If you are truly watching your sights while shooting, you will know what is happening with that second shot, because you should be seeing it happen when the shot is fired.

Only take that second shot when you see the reticle move back on target. Dont get caught up on the speed between shots, connect what the sights to your trigger and break that second shot when you see that it is there. The speed and timing will come with repetition.
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Thanks guys, I'll lighten my grip, slow it down and and focus on my sights
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