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Posted: 1/27/2014 7:23:04 AM EDT
What is the total weight (unloaded) of your 3G rifle? (Round to the nearest weight).
Link Posted: 1/27/2014 8:19:56 AM EDT
Mine is 8.4 with a full mag. So I voted 8.5
Link Posted: 1/27/2014 4:37:30 PM EDT
Mine is right around 10lbs. Like the wieght. May not be as fast between targets, but it is more stable on target.
Link Posted: 3/25/2014 10:35:00 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/25/2014 10:36:01 AM EDT by jukeboxx13]
I thought 3gun rifles were lighter then the poll suggest, but most have 18" stainless barrels, and variable scopes so yea I can see why their heavier than they look.
Link Posted: 2/28/2015 1:17:29 PM EDT
Mine is right at 7 pounds.
Link Posted: 3/9/2016 10:57:06 PM EDT
I have shot my 223 in tac ops/open and my FNAR in Heavy metal simultaneously. It taught me that my 223 is TOO LIGHT. The FNAR is 10# empty with no mag or optic. Add a loaded mag and it is around 11.5#. It was more fun than my 223 and showed me just how twitchy my 223 is.

My 223 is 18 rifle with gov profile skinney barrel, Aluminum bolt carrier, Luth-AR stock, and SLR ultar light weight handguard, Areo Precision scope mount and 1-6x scope. What little weight it has is at the back so it feels balanced, but there is no weight near the muzzle. When aiming at a distant 50-75 yard target free hand, its hard to get the cross hairs on the target period. I'll weigh it later, but its no more than 7 or 8lbs and like I say, the entire front end is lightweight. Only the but end has any mass to it. I may put my can on the end to see how I like the feel of more muzzle stability.

Now my 11.5# ish FNAR is not hard to handle up close. It does take a little more muscle to get it moving, but it stops moving just as easy as the lightweight gun as it stops smoother. HOWEVER, at the same 50-75 yard free hand targets it was not about getting the sight on target, but what part of the target I wanted to hit!!!!!....that was a big eye opener.

My take from shooting the same stages both ways is don't concentrate on making the rifle too light. and don't worry if it gets a little bulky. Just make sure it fits you, your arm length, and your body. Sweating ounces is a waste of time. A heavy gun will barely slow you down up close unless you are a really good shooter. If you are that good, you probably don't need extra weight to hold the muzzle stable at longer ranges and could go light.

Now for a dedicated iron man type stage where you will run with the dang thing all day, yeah go like a super lightweight SBR. If you are not moving much with the rifle, I would say anything but heavy HBAR profile barrels is fine and configure as you want.

The 11.5# FNAR is a little too massive for moving a lot, but it can be done ESPECIALLY if you are in good physical condition. I am not, but I managed 40-50 rounds of 308 in one day plus several boxes of SG shells (pump and auto) and pistol rounds ( 9 and 45). I did have to rest a lot and kinda slack on pasting.

If you are shooting from a rest, the lightweight gun gives up nothing to the heavy. That's all about body position/support. However, I nailed the 150 yard steel better with the FNAR because I was taking more time....and was therefore faster...hmmm..
Link Posted: 10/25/2016 9:08:42 PM EDT
9.5 lbs with Trijicon TR 24 optic and Aero Precision light weight mount. Most of the weight is in the 18" heavy profile barrel and the full size stock that I use to balance it out.
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