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Posted: 3/26/2012 12:50:14 PM EDT
I'm going to my second CMMG 3-gun in Fayette, MO on April 21st and right now here is what I'm planning on using. Last match we were limited to #6's as the largest shot for use, so slugs/buckshot are out for now.....at least until I find out if this addiction takes full hold or not.
Distances to 80% f the targets seemed to be around 20-25 yards max, and most appeared to be 3" round knockover plates. It did not appear there would be much more room for further shots. There was one Spinner (similar to MGM unit), and one popper that chucked two clays into the air when it fell. I did ok with everything, but the spinner, last time when shooting a Mossberg 590A1 22" pump with cylinder bore.

Here are my ammo plans:
Federal TG-12 (federal's model number) 7.5's, 1200fps, 1-1/8oz shot. Hoping to use this for the knockover plates, the popper, and clays. I paid $47.99 for a 250rd case locally ($0.19196/shell), or can also buy for $22.97 for a Walmart 100rd bulk pack ($0.2297/shell). I have right around 1,000 rounds of this, and at the $47.99... price can afford to shoot and replace or stockpile. the place I went has pallets of it for sale.

Federal H-126 #6's Pheasant Load -OR- Kent #6 Pheasant Loads......both hover around the 1450-1500fps mark, and the 1-1/4 to 1-5/8oz of shot ballpark. ......I haven't patterned either yet, but both were around $11-12/box, and whichever patterns the best I am planning to use on the spinner target. The spinner wouldnt turn with a 22" cylinder bore barrel and #6 game loads last time....it WILL turn this time!

So far I have run around 300 rounds of the 7.5's through my new Mossberg JM930 9shot this weekend and it ran flawlessly and I may have missed a total of 5-6 times, including throwing 3-4 clays up in the air by hand. You couldnt have knocked the grin off my face with a sledgehammer! Speed was much improved over my pump as well. I have not shot buckshot or slugs through this gun yet.

Here are my shotgun plans:
I am planning to use an extended Skeet choke for the steel knockover targets.....I used a cylinder bore last time and nothing failed to drop, so with the Skeet choke being slightly tighter I'm hoping it will work fine.
I am planning to use an extended Improved-Modified choke for that spinner. I wanted to hit it as hard as I could while keeping some pattern, since there are about 7-8 3" knockover plates before or after spinning the steel.
For the spinner target I am planning to load the shotgun to its full capacity with pheasant loads, then have my shell holders filled with 7.5" for any remaining knockover targets. Plan is to have the spinner do a full revolution with 2-4 shells left in the gun, clear about half of the knockover targets, then a partial reload to finish the rest off.

Right now I am using my strong hand to reload shotgun, but have been somewhat decent as far as speed goes. I just havent grasped the weak hand reload just yet.

Lemme know of any holes in my plan, or any recommendations. A buddy and I shot at the March CMMG 3-gun and spent the 2.5 hour drive home talking about how much fun it was, and what we wanted in order to be more competitive in April.
Link Posted: 3/28/2012 5:00:56 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/28/2012 5:26:27 PM EDT
Was talking to a "pro" who shot at the bigger May comp and he said that the 400 yard shot was not goin to be figured in again.

I can't bring myself to pay the $250 entree to shoot against you guys yet, but hope to be there someday. I'm hoping to shed some major time at the April 3-gun and think I should considering I have a range at home and everything but the spinner and Texas stars to practice with. I'm also hopin new sights on rifle and pistol and shotgun help out as well. If I magically cut times in half, I'll reserve a spot to come see how I compare to you guys.
Link Posted: 3/28/2012 5:50:35 PM EDT
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