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Posted: 10/17/2009 12:53:27 PM EST
I see little to no 1300's on the shotgun forum, is there a tech reason for this, or just a preferance i the moss, and remi,
Link Posted: 10/17/2009 12:56:33 PM EST
They run a distant third if not fourth in popularity.

Still very good shotguns.
Link Posted: 10/17/2009 1:09:48 PM EST
Ive owned 2 of the 1300 defenders for close to 10yrs without any problems, seem to be great little shottys.

I also have an rem 1100, , just dont understand the lack of interest in the winchesters??

Havent owned any Mossbergs yet but will if I ran across a good deal..

I'm in the process of looking for new stocks for my 1300, ive checked Brownells out and they have alot of parts but would like too find a few more sources to compare prices.

Overfolder stock with the forrend with strap. is what im looking for....
Link Posted: 10/17/2009 2:09:50 PM EST
I've had my 1300 for many years, over 20 if I remember correctly. I've used it 3-gun matches, shot slugs through it, and basically beat the crap out of it. Oh yeah, I've cleaned it maybe once or twice in all those years, and all those rounds. It always goes boom, never jams, every single time I use it.

I'd have to guess it's lack of popularity lies in the fact that it's just a plain old utility shotgun. It's not "tactical" enough for most people.
Link Posted: 10/17/2009 2:49:19 PM EST
Thats what im doing now, looking for after market stocks to go on my(well used) 1300, the other will stay factory..
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 12:44:38 PM EST
OP: I was wondering the same thing.

My dad owns a 1300 speedpump with a slug barrel and scope for deer hunting. It is a very solid platform and we've never had any problems with. My first shotgun was a 870 express and I've been less than impressed. Random parts have come up missing and the action seems very loud and "cladders/ rattles" when a round is chambered.

The missing parts include:
-Ball detente that keep the mag cap from coming unscrew. I would never take it out when cleaning so who know where it went.
-A clip in the trigger assembly. Again I don't disassemble the trigger when cleaning [just spray it out good with air] so I don't know how it could have gotten lost.

Personally I feel that the 1300 Speed Pump is a superior firearm to the 870 Express. However I am told that 870 Wingmasters are a better made version of the 870.

As soon as I can sell my 870, I'll be getting a Winchester 1300.

Link Posted: 11/2/2009 2:45:19 PM EST
I guess when it comes to rating pump guns that I have experience with, I have the Remington 870 and Mossberg 590/500 tied for first. 6 in one hand, half dozen in the other, it's just a matter of user preference. In third, I like the Ithaca 37. Really, the only reason I rank it here is the spare parts situation with the older guns. Parts can be had but not nearly as easily as the Remington or Mossberg. In 4th, I put the Winchester 1200/1300 here. My experience with this model is limited to my time in the Marines with the 1200 Trench gun and I don't think any of us really cared for them. Now we were trained with the Mossberg 590 and maybe that's what colors my bias but personally, I never cared for the "speed pump" feature of the Winchester design. I always found the pump blowing back to be more disconcerting than any sort of an aide to faster cycling. My personal thought on the feature was "If I want the pump to come back, I'll pull the damned thing back myself rather than have it blown back out of my hand!" Now that doesn't mean that I'm not willing to give it a second chance. I already own 2 Remingtons, 2 Mossbergs and an Ithaca but I am looking at adding to the collection a 20 gauge Remington 870 Express for the boy, a High Standard Flite-King and maybe a Winchester 1200 riot gun or 1300 Defender. If I go with the riot gun, I'll probably try to get a heat shield to make a clone of the ones I carried when I was in the Marines. However, I do like the utilitarian look and higher capacity of the Defender so that's another option. Like I said, I'm willing to give it another chance and it's on my short list but it's at the bottom of my short list.
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 4:38:08 PM EST
Basically a 1300, I believe.

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