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Posted: 12/29/2003 4:10:08 PM EDT
ive hemmed and hawwed about posting here but after calling them again today i cant let any of my brothers (and sisters) here get burned and pi$$ed on like i have by Entreprise Arms and their owner Howard. want to make it sticky but dont know if i should. this info should be passed to EVERYONE in the shooting community but ill leave it up to the moderators to stickyfy it...

the below posted is long but it shows a pretty good documentation of the crap ive been dealing with since march.

810-650-8676 or PM if you have any questions or care to refute any of this.

Mid–February == Called Entreprise and ordered a receiver.

Early-March == Shipped receiver and TRW parts kit to Ted Brown in Oregon

Mid-March == Got a call from Ted Brown saying that the receiver was out of spec and he couldn’t get it to headspace. It was short. He sent it back to Entreprise to have them work it.

Beginning of May == Laurence sends the receiver back to Ted Brown. He claims it’s ready to go. Ted Brown can’t get the bolt to close on a .308 round, let alone a 7.62X51 round.

Beginning of May == Ted Brown and Laurence have several phone calls to discuss the issues with this receiver. Ted Brown sends the barreled receiver back to Entreprise with the agreement that Laurence would make a new receiver due to the amount of work needed.

Late-July == Ted Brown gets the new receiver with the headspaced barrel back and he assembles the rest of the rifle. He is concerned that the headspace is still a bit short. The TRW barrel has a chromed chamber and can’t be reamed.

First-August == I get the gun back from Ted Brown and take it to the range and notice that there are no windage indices on the receiver.

Early-August == When I get back from the Nationals, I call Laurence and ask him about this. He tells me that he will try and figure out a way to rectify the problem.

Mid-August == I decide it’s been too much of a pain and too long of a wait and call customer service to inquire about returning the gun for a refund. They transfer my call to Laurence who gives no help.

Mid-August == I call Howard the owner and explain the problems this has been for the last 5+ months. He tells me basically that it’s ‘just too bad’. He won’t refund my money nor exchange the receiver. He said that ‘good’ shooters pay extra for short headspaced barrels and that ‘real’ shooters don’t use windage marks anyway they just zero their rifles and put a daub of paint on them so they know where they have adjusted them from. I asked if he had ever heard of the Better Business Bureau and he asked me if that was a threat. Howard went on and on about how he has ¼ million dollar CNC machines and how he can’t just pull a job off to rework my receiver. I explained to him that in my tool & die plant we had 9 milling center that you COULD do that and maybe he should have paid for the next better model of machine. Howard offered to paint my lettering white for me free of charge and if I wanted to send it back I could the 3rd week of November. I explained that ‘other’ arms manufacturers would deal with the problem and expedite it back to me. He agreed to do the same thing. My rifle should be back to me the first week of December.

Mid-November == I pay $26 to ship my rifle back to Entreprise, c/o Laurence.

Beginning-December == I call Laurence to see how my rifle is progressing. He tells me that he has to figure out how to set up the machine to put the indices on and then he has to get the receiver re heat treated. He told me he would see if he could get things going a bit faster.

Mid-December == I called Laurence to see if anything is getting done and he said he would see if he could send in my receiver for heat treating without waiting on some other stuff to go with it.

End-December == I called Entreprise to see why Laurence hadn’t called me back. He has quit. My rifle is STILL not finished. When I sent it the 3rd week of November as instructed, I should have sent it so it would be there by the 3rd week of November. I was told it will be at least 2 more weeks before the indices are put on before being sent to assembly, try-out and shipped.

Link Posted: 12/30/2003 4:32:48 PM EDT
WOW!!!  I won't be dealing with them...EVER.
Link Posted: 12/30/2003 4:51:29 PM EDT
This guy sounds worse than Gucciano from SAI
Link Posted: 12/30/2003 4:52:18 PM EDT
That sucks.
Link Posted: 1/1/2004 6:07:13 AM EDT
Sorry that you're having problems with Enterprise Arms...I was considering getting one of their receivers to do a build but not now, for sure.

But at least you picked a great 'smith in Ted Brown. I've got a M1A assembled by him. It's an outstanding rifle.

Please keep us posted on how things turn out. Maybe one of the folks with Enterprise Arms will finally wake up and realize that they're only screwing themselves out of more business and finally take care of you.
Link Posted: 1/1/2004 6:36:48 AM EDT
Now that's customer service!
Link Posted: 1/1/2004 6:39:44 AM EDT
Yeah...he's getting "serviced", alright...
Link Posted: 1/1/2004 9:32:15 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Hoplite:
This guy sounds worse than Gucciano from SAI

Funny you also mentioned that!  Here's where someone posted for LtDave on Battlerifles.com and I responded with something similar to you:

Said by me:
Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2003 2:35 am  

Hey, atleast its not a Gary Gucciani AK build! Hear about all of those Kansas Attorney General complaints against him?


I guess we think alike.
Link Posted: 1/3/2004 4:53:56 PM EDT

I think Toad might have something contagiouse....more and more business are being run like he does things....

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