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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 7/20/2003 6:26:10 PM EDT
I was thinking, what MAJOR firearm manufacturers can we support/trust these days? Ok, so S&W is back on our side, but there's glock (ballistics fingerprinting), HK (really pisses on the civvie market), ruger (good 'ol Bill pushed for the hi cap ban), remington also doesnt market their (perfectly civvie legal) police shotguns and rifles to civvies (you have to be lucky enough to find a "police dealer" who will sell one to you)....other than smaller-time guys like tromix corp. and the like, what major companies can we support with our business?
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 6:47:00 PM EDT
Barrett firearms,Robinson Armament,Bushmaster,Olympic Arms,to name a few....
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 6:53:46 PM EDT
Beretta and SIG-Sauer
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 7:00:09 PM EDT
Don't forget ARMALITE!!!!
Link Posted: 7/21/2003 5:49:20 AM EDT
thanks for the replies, it's good to hear that these major players are behind us RKBA types! Didn't know beretta was, tho...
Link Posted: 7/21/2003 8:07:05 AM EDT

Originally Posted By armedteddybear:
what manufacturers can we trust?

Trust in what way? Trust them to provide a defensive gun you can bet your life on? Trust that they wont offend you with their political beliefs? Trust that they wont do whats best for their bottom line when they're put between a rock and a hard place?
Link Posted: 7/21/2003 8:11:43 PM EDT
So far Barrett firearms has the ballz to stand up for its customers.Read the topic "Barrett letter to LA,Ca police chief" in the .50 forums here.It states basically that if they ban .50's from the Ca citizens then Barrett won't be selling or servicing its rifles to the LA Swat team then.
Link Posted: 7/22/2003 12:14:41 PM EDT
ARMS refuses to sell to the ATF after Waco Texas.
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