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Posted: 11/12/2001 7:10:33 PM EDT
A friend of mine is looking for a fairly cheap AR. he didn't really give me a budjet but he just go through buying an h&k sl8 which he hasn't fired and isn't going to because he wants to keep it as a collectors item. He stated that he wanted an AR that cost LOWER than the cost of the sl8.

The best deal that i found was in shotgun news at a place called S.O.G. international. it wasn't on their website but it was stated and being a colt a2 upper on a C.I.A lower. 20" barrel made to military specifications all post ban parts with a free colt 30rnd mag. all for the ultra low price of $495 with the original price being $899. its been marked down.

WOW thats low! but as any normal AR owner would be im skeptical. I don't want my friend to get a piece of crap.

so does anyone here have past experience with one of these models/configurations/deals? any advice and/or info would be very helpful.

Anyone have past experi
Link Posted: 11/12/2001 8:17:06 PM EDT
I belive that those rifles are made from the M16 kits that were available from Tapco and others. They have muzzle brakes.

The people at S.O.G. will not talk to you unless you have an FFL.

I saw one rifle that was made from these parts kits and it was OK. The lower internals looked used and dirty. The barrel had no markings on it, but the bolt, and upper were Colt. The bolt carrier was made for an AR-15 and had no markings on it to my knowledge. The rifle I saw had a Century Arms receiver, and it was marked $495 with a free 30 round magazine. The magazine looked rough.
Link Posted: 11/13/2001 6:33:22 AM EDT
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