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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/24/2005 11:32:25 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/25/2005 1:59:07 AM EST by gunsanplanes]
just stepped up from a russian capture.
sold my 44 byf for $200, and put that on a non-import marked 41 bcd.
numbers all seem to match, with the lone exception of the floorplate.
letter codes don't fully match. the reciever is bcd, the buttplate, although serial numbered correct, is brg, and the barrel has an avk 128 bys...go figure.

it's a shame i'm denied access to this site from work, i'm heading in for the 1st of my 12 hr nights...but i'll get a chance to check back in from home soon enough.

have a merry christmas!

Link Posted: 12/24/2005 11:35:17 AM EST
What condition is that rated at? Average, good, or very good? I ask because I was ordering one monday.
Link Posted: 12/24/2005 11:46:58 AM EST
damn red x's.
i'm not good enough to give a condition. some of the bluing is getting that purpleish "patina" color, but only the buttplate is in the white. bore is at leat vg, but i'd think better than that.
ww2 vet had it in a closet, died, and son brought it to gunshop to get rid of. gunshop owner owed a friend and just handed it over. friend needs money, sold it to me.
no time to fix pics, need to shower and head in to work....bitch.
Link Posted: 12/24/2005 12:18:58 PM EST
Very nice....
Link Posted: 12/25/2005 2:27:21 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/25/2005 2:32:15 AM EST by gunsanplanes]
ok..... progress is being made.
the few red x's are fixed, all 4 were due to a single blank space after the first img ; i should pay more attention to detail.
i also found out it wasn't really a mongrel,as i thought it was with different letter codes.
vendor supplied parts are just more visably stamped than i thought.
it's main manufacturer was the bcd, which is GUSTLOFF WERKE, WEIMAR. the others are subcontractors. i scored a list off of parallax bill's that matches the subcontractors codes as matching what they are on....so cool beans.
the barrel has me wondering, as it has not one, but two different contractor markings, and a number that i need to learn about. the barrel is stamped AVK 128 41 BYS.
the AVK is ruhrstahl a.g., presswerke brackwede, brackwede bei bielefeld.
the 128 i have no clue about....any of you?
the 41 is the year,
and the BYS is ruhrstahl a.g.,guss-stahlwerk witten,witten, ruhr.

the thing i forgot to mention was the price i paid, it was nothing awesome, but it was not bad either....$400.
personally, i love authenticity and matching numbers, so i'm happy to have gotten this.
i'm not anal about the matching numbers, as that whole 922r shit makes it kind of hard to get aound.
it was a totally unexpected purchase that came about while just shooting the shit about guns.

edit to add that i'm not hip to what the letter "M" is all about under several of the serial numbers, if anyone has a clue, i'd rightly 'preciate it.

it's been a long day, gonna hit the sack.
Link Posted: 12/25/2005 6:03:13 AM EST
I think the "M" is the serial number block. The germans recycled serial numbers. They would do a block of say 10000 rifles(i cannot remember the exact number) at a factory and then they would start over with a serial number of 1 and put an "A" behind it. And so on...
Link Posted: 12/25/2005 9:49:33 AM EST
thanks, citizenkane. makes sense to me.
i tend to want to learn all i can about any new gun, as far as manufacturer, country, year and number produced, etc. , but that only lasts untill the novelty wears off, and then it's pushed to the side as i set my eyes on my next project.
my next project is a yugo m92 kit sitting in a box in my hobby room, but i want that built into a sbr, and i just don't have any funds left to work with, so that may take quite the while.
well, christmas day....up early so i can get to the folks' house and then another 12 hrs at work, so i gotta go for now.
hope everyones christmas brought you what you wanted.
Link Posted: 12/26/2005 1:28:31 PM EST
That's a nice rifle
Link Posted: 12/26/2005 2:49:00 PM EST
Where did u pick that bad boy up?
Link Posted: 12/27/2005 5:12:45 AM EST

Originally Posted By Illinigunner21:
Where did u pick that bad boy up?

Link Posted: 12/27/2005 11:44:50 AM EST
man....i can only read from work, can't see any pics hosted on the photoserver, and am denied access to login, so i can't reply.
i have a sec or two before heading in to work, so i can reply now from home.

a ww2 vet had this k98 in his closet since he brought it back,he recently died, and his son saw the gun as only money.
the son brought it into a gunshop to get rid of, and a good friend was there doing deals with the gunshop owner. the gunshop owner owed my friend some cash, and seeing my friend take interest in the k98, he just handed him over the k98 to get $400 knocked off of what he owed.
my friend bought impulsively, because he is actually in need of money, and is actively selling his guns off at the guys' shop, but he gave in to his weekness, the same weekness we all have.
so......my friend and i are shooting the shit about guns, and as always, he tries to cuff me something he wants to part with, and he offered it up. seeing as i have a weekness, he exploited it, and i was powerless to refuse.
i gave him the same $400, and the k98 came home with me.
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