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Posted: 3/20/2009 1:01:02 PM EDT
im looking for a .22 bolt action, and a friend has a .17HMR savage MKIIFV and it shoots great at 200 yards.

is there anything wrong with the .22 savage? i wouldnt see why there would but i want to make sure before i buy one ,i like the FV model.
Link Posted: 3/20/2009 1:51:23 PM EDT
No personal experience, but a buddy has one and likes it.  And Outdoor Life (I think) tested one and it was the most accurate rimfire they had ever evaluated.
Link Posted: 3/20/2009 4:22:18 PM EDT
Unexciting engineering, GREAT value for money.
Excellent barrels, the AccuTrigger works OK, but I'm unimpressed, except for the price.
Link Posted: 3/20/2009 4:58:47 PM EDT
I loved my MkII
Link Posted: 3/20/2009 5:33:47 PM EDT
I bought one last year with the laminated thumbhole stock and really like it. Topped it with a Weaver 2.5-7x rimfire scope with Warne QD rings. It's an honest ½"@50yd shooter with select loads, only slightly more with bulk ammo. The only thing I don't like is the 10rd magazines have a pronounced curve that not only looks goofy but it's sharp and can snag your hide.
Link Posted: 3/20/2009 6:26:14 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/20/2009 6:35:58 PM EDT by VASCAR2]
I bought a Savage MK II FV about two weeks ago and have fired about 700 rounds through it.  I put a 3X9  Famous Maker F/M adjustable objective scope on the rifle.  I shot it today for the first time at paper targets at 50 yards.  I haven't had time to get pics but it was about 55 degrees with a 5 to 8 MPH wind.  I was shooting off a bench using a bipod and sandbags, 5 shot groups.  This rifle seems to really like WW dynapoints.  I don't have very many so I only shot two groups.  All groups are measured center to center with calipers.  WW DYNPTS .706 & .869.  Aguila 40 grain lead subsonic .680 & .793,  CCi Blazers .774, .930.   Federal American Eagle 40 grn RNL .743.  Federal Champion .957, 1.169, 1.113, .970, .905.  WW Wildcats 40 grn RNL .902, .543, 950, 1.293.  Remington Cyclones .914, 4 shots .210 5th shot flier opened group to 1.07, .907, 1.302, .611.  Aguila 40 grain SE high velocity 1.730, 1.130, 1.291, 1.035, .713.  Overall I was disappointed in the Aguila HV ammo as it is some of the most accurate in my dedicated 22 AR's and conversion kits.  I shot the rifle yesterday and it really like the WW dynapoints and Super X HP at 35 yards.  I also shot a few groups out of my dedicated DPMS 22 LR with RRA NM trigger and Tasco 2.5 X 10 scope at 50 yards.  Aguila SE 40 grn HV .490,.896, .908, 1.130 (4 shots in .577), 1.421 (4 shots into .583).  Aguila 40 grain subsonic .930 .921 (4 rounds into .395).  I really like this Savage rifle and think it is a very good value for the money.   I really like the accu-trigger and bull barrel.  If I had been shooting quality ammo I really think this rifle is capable of consistent 1/2 in groups at 50 yards.  I had one failure to fire with 1 round of Federal AE and the round also failed to extract.  That is the only FTF or FTE since I've owned the rifle.  The bolt works  very smooth and the untouched factory trigger has just a little take up  and a very clean let off at about 4 pounds.  I noticed the trigger on the Savage was just a hair heavier than the RRA NM but I haven't had the action out of the stock on the Savage.  Considering I have about $275 in this rifle/scope I am very pleased.  The Savage shot the Federal bulk 36 grain HP in 1/2 inch to 1 inch groups at 35 yards so it'll work for cheap plinking ammo.  The Aguila HV ammo shot better at 35 yards at .425 and .430, .567, .636, .  This batch of Aguila HV seemed to have more fliers than usual and I had a couple of other groups which were spoiled by fliers which opened the groups to from .75 to about an inch at 35 yards.  Unfortunately most 22 rimfire ammo is not that consistent and I can't bring myself to buy the target ammo in 50 round box at $15.00 plus.  I have a friend who has the light weight barrel Savage 22 and he really likes his rifle.  I think they are worth a look.

Link Posted: 3/20/2009 7:27:54 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/20/2009 7:29:18 PM EDT by innocent_bystander]
I have a pre-accutrigger Mark II BV with a 4x Burris rimfire scope.

Mine shoots five round groups of Wolf Match into 3/8" at 50 yards.

Federal AutoMatch bulk pack goes into 1/2".

Link Posted: 3/21/2009 5:22:15 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/21/2009 5:23:08 AM EDT by Chris_1522]
Link Posted: 3/21/2009 5:38:01 AM EDT
I have a BV that shoots O.K.
It is picky about ammo and also picky how it is shot. It did not like the front rest but likes the bipod, which suits me fine. The bedding may need to be adjusted a bit.
As said a great value.
I have Warne rings and a 2-7 Leupold rimfire scope. 200rds. of Match extra which was laying around all shot fairly constitantly with a real good flier about one out of 25 rds. fired. CCI standard velocity was not so good with inconsistant groops. A box of 711B was best and worst group.
I like the trigger. First rimfire rifle I have had that did not need any adjustment to enjoy and begin the shake down that begins at every new rimfire rifle purchase.
One item I would like to see dissapear is the bolt drags on the next round in the mag. Chamber a round, drop the mag and the top round will have a scrape from the bolt feeding the first round. This can have different effects on different bullet shapes and might be why this is ammo sensitive. Perhaps.-

I expect to clean up the bedding a bit and have a keeper.
Link Posted: 3/21/2009 6:21:25 AM EDT
Just bought a Savage Mark II Mako, and love it.

I can actually afford to shoot again.
Link Posted: 3/21/2009 7:53:30 AM EDT
My dad used to have a MKII BVT for getting into smallbore competition. Very accurate little rifle but the build quality felt cheap and the accutrigger will occasionally not reset if the bolt is operated too quickly and without great care to make sure it travels fully to the rear. The LOP was also a bit short for a full grown man. He bough a Mossberg 44US rom the CMP which was a better rifle for his application and then traded the savage in on a CZ.

Link Posted: 3/22/2009 3:24:29 PM EDT
I have a Mark II GL with a Weaver 4x28 rimfire scope on it.  It's pre-AccuTrigger, so I installed a Rifle Basix sear b/c the factory trigger sucked.  It'll group under a nickel at 50 yards with CCI Subsonic HPs.

I also have a Savage 93GL .22 Mag, with a Nikon 4x32mm ProStaff scope.  It's also a tackdriver with CCI Maxi Mags.
Link Posted: 3/24/2009 10:26:11 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/24/2009 10:27:39 AM EDT by JamesP81]
I've got one in 22 LR.  Deadly accurate, especially with match grade ammo.  However, IMO, it's a benchrest gun pure and simple.  It doesn't balance well when shooting it free standing, so it's not the best choice for small game hunting.  But for punching paper, or plinking from a rest or bipod, it's great.

I shot some Lapua Midas+ through it (which has the same cost per shot as 9mm ) I shot a 5 shot group that was right around 1/4 inch at 50 yards, and it would've been less except that I'm not capable of shooting any better than that.  Three of my shots went through the same hole, the other two went through a second hole.  If I were a bit steadier, all 5 rounds would've been in the same hole.

Not all ammo shoots that good out of it, obviously.  Remington standard velocity, SK Standard Plus, and CCI Standard Velocity shoot very well out of it and won't break the bank.

ETA: also, try not to expose it to too much moisture.  My barrel, even though it's stainless, tends to develop surface rust absurdly easy.  I've been able to take all of it off with a dremel + polishing compound, but it's an on going problem that I really have to keep an eye on.
Link Posted: 3/24/2009 2:52:00 PM EDT
I have a MKII the only problem I'm having is I can't find a set of bases for it.
Link Posted: 3/24/2009 3:00:03 PM EDT
Originally Posted By TX_CO4:
I have a MKII the only problem I'm having is I can't find a set of bases for it.

EGW makes a full length rail.

Link Posted: 3/24/2009 3:06:55 PM EDT
Originally Posted By innocent_bystander:
Originally Posted By TX_CO4:
I have a MKII the only problem I'm having is I can't find a set of bases for it.

EGW makes a full length rail.


Anyone make a cheap set of 2 piece bases?
Link Posted: 3/28/2009 9:50:18 PM EDT
How do I do a trigger job for this rifle ?
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 6:20:58 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/29/2009 6:32:47 AM EDT by wreckhog]
They are made in Canada. There is a ton of aftermarket parts for them. And stickies on trigger jobs, etc. $15 cheap ,crappy mags. Savage is great in terms of CS, and not far from Boston. According to a poll on RFC, 15% of owners have feeding problems. Feeding issues are normally fixed with bolt guide adjustments and new mags. At this price point, a fair amount of owners just give up quickly and dump the gun at a small loss, rather than pay a gunsmith or ship it back to Savage.. They come with Accutriggers usually, which most owners love and which are usually set to the lightest setting from the factory. Best bang for the buck is on Dick's and Walmart specific models. Gun shops will often sell used Mk II's for more than Walmart sells the same model new. Shop nowhere else for a Savage rimfire until you go to those places first. I have 2, and I don't like them that much. Rather spend 2x or 3x on a CZ.

The V with the heavy barrel, swivel mounts, and scope bases, is the one to get. They come in wood and plastic stocks. I like the plastic, but am in the minority, as the wood looks good, for not much more. Way heavier though. Not that it matters with a bipod, 20x scope, etc.

BTW, the .17M2 and the .22LR are the Mark II model. The .17HMR is the 93 model.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 7:33:11 PM EDT
I picked up a Savage MkII BV a few days ago, put a 20x Simmons scope on it and took it to the range for the first time today.

It seemed to like Federal American Eagle the best (only other ammo I had to try was fed. champion and Remington Viper), most groups were <.50" at 50 yards, My best was .093".

I wasn't 100% happy with the Accutrigger, while nice it wasn't perfect. So I lightened and shortened the trigger, then I shortened the Accutrigger safety so there isn't 1/2" of safety pull, now it's only about 1/8" of the safety then a 1.5 oz trigger with about half the travel of the original trigger. It's probably to short to go walking around the woods, but for the shooting bench it's great. Can't wait to see it shoots now.

Link Posted: 5/3/2009 12:18:26 AM EDT
I have a pre-AccuTrigger BV and like it, but the plastic trigger guard is cracked on it. Does anyone know of a source for a metal aftermarket triggerguard?
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