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Posted: 6/11/2009 3:45:41 AM EST
Hey guys so in nz to have a semi-auto rifle that has a free standing pistol grip (as opposed to one that does not have a free standing pistol grip IE ar15 vs mini 14) i am required to have a certian level of security because we all know that cosmetic differences between rifles that operate the same are very scary and extra evil therfore extra dangerous and require more security...

anyways the law states that since my safe isn't bolted to a concreate floor and to a wall i am required to install a steel plate under my floor that exceeds the area of the safe..now I have a wee problem...one the arms officer cannot answer (person who adminsters firearms and licing in my area) my safe is twice the size of the access to under my floor. Having ripped down a wall to install the bolts through the studs (nuts must be on the inside of the safe, and welded or burred to resist removeal. bolt heads must be unaccesable) you can imagen that neither I nor my parents want to ripp up the floor to make way for a steel plate...given im only 18 and plan to be out of home by 21

oh and to add to the fact that theres 6-7 wasp hives under the house im reluctant to go under the house much. and yes they go under to ensure the plate is there.....

can anyone think of an alternitive to this stupid law? one person has suggested a "plank" of steel to go between the joists.

at the current time i am not sure of where the joists are in relation to the safe. I should by tomorrow and will probably have some pictures. did i mention that the safes location is roughly 16 meters from the acces, and that the floors only half a meter off the ground. and the access is inside the house.

the point of the plate. stop someone cutting the bolts or removing the bolt heads and walking out with the safe. this does nothing to stop a man with a chain saw cutting around the safe and walking out with it.
Link Posted: 6/12/2009 2:43:52 AM EST
After much grunting and swearing...to be herd throughout the house. I have managed to secure it with some 6mm angle steel. Seems to be now accedptable.

Which leads me to my next question....whats the best way to make a gun rack and shelf/way to hold a couple of pistols?
Link Posted: 6/15/2009 5:35:17 AM EST
I'm no craftsman but I made this out of MDF with a jig saw. If you have holes or a welder you can make some brackets or you could just put in some vertical wood pieces in the corners to form as studs or supports. Make a rifle rack and a shelf or two above.

Link Posted: 6/15/2009 12:12:23 PM EST
Nice. You should paint it white inside too. A cheap metal mirror could be glued in the back. If nothing else your collection will seem to double in size!
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