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Posted: 3/17/2002 4:18:36 PM EDT
I'm looking at a TZ99 and would like any opinions on it. Do factory 226 mags work?

Thanks ahead of time.

Link Posted: 3/18/2002 7:21:51 AM EDT
It's a decent copy. If the price is right I would get one. Only reason I didn't is because I have the real thing. As to the mags... I would assume so but can't really remember. They come with two 15 round mags, which are undoubtedly cheaper than the factory sig prebans.
Link Posted: 3/18/2002 7:31:08 AM EDT
it is a fine pistol for the money. The mags do NOT fit. CDNN had 15 & 10 rounders cheap
Link Posted: 3/18/2002 8:50:09 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/18/2002 8:54:31 PM EDT by DonSchultz]
I bought one about a month ago from Aim Surplus. Very nice pistol. I posted a Review and Range Report on this board, and also on the Handgun Forums (General discussion area) with all of the details. Also, Cruffler's has a review of this pistol as well.

I do not know if the Sig mags will fit.

I edited this post with my comments from my other posts about this pistol. Hope this helps you out.

Hi all. I just obtained a TZ-99, which is made in South Africa. The manufacturer is Tressitu. The weapon was purchased from Aim Surplus www.aimsurplus.com for $270. The pistol comes with (2) 15 round factory mags, cleaning rod and manual in a black plastic case.


1. 9mm Luger/Para
2. Locked breech
3. Alloy frame, forged ordnance steel slide
4. Hammer forged, hard chromed (inside and out) barrel
5. Double/single action (looks like a SIG P228)
6. Fully ambidextrous controls
7. Controls are: Mag release, slide release/hammer drop safety, take-down lever
8. Barrel length 4.25"
9. Weight, empty mag, 33.5 oz

Quality/Fit & Finish

The finish is a black polymer coating, very similar to what you find on a SIG. The application quality is above average, and looks quite good.

The slide to frame fit is excellent--very tight. The fit is also excellent, with obvious attention paid to detail! There were some machining marks visible in the inside of the slide, but no more than what you would see from CZ. The action works smoothly; all controls operated properly. The slide release also funtions as the hammer drop safety. The pistol has 5 different safety features that make a AD very unlikely due to a mechanical malfunction.

The weakest point of the pistol is the trigger. It is OK, but not great. The double action pull is heavy and long, but not unlike a revolver. The single action pull has what I believe to be too much takeup before the hammer falls, but once the slack is taken up the sear breaks crisply. I would put the single action pull around 6 lbs (my subjective feel test!). If I had to compare the trigger to another firearm, I would say it comes closest to the feel of the Ruger P-Series of pistols.

Range Results

I put 200 rounds through the pistol without a single malfunction. Accuracy of 2" groups was easily obtained at 15 yards. The sights are regulated properly to hit the point of aim right out of the box.


I would say that this pistol is one hell of steal for under $300. What more could you ask for in a handgun? I highly suggest buying one
Link Posted: 3/19/2002 5:17:31 AM EDT
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