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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/14/2002 1:09:27 PM EST
Normally I keep my .45 government model next to my bed, because in a daze in the middle of the night it is just easier to grap the pistol then go fishin for the 12gauge in the closet, (although in most defensive situations where I have any time to prepare I will grab the shotgun.) Heres the question lets say I am getting some work done on the gov model is there any point to keep my only other handgun in the house by my nightstand, the S&W 422 .22lr pistol? or will that just piss the bad guy off( maybe it will kill them but I probebly will be dead also, its a bitch waiting for the badguy to die!) if so what kind of ammo should I use for it hollow points? The main use would be fighting my way to the long guns.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 1:18:59 PM EST
I'd say a .22 beats no gun at all. It may just buy you enough time to get the long gun.

You have the psychological effect of having A gun, plus impact on them or near them may make them move for cover giving you time to get the long gun.

Ammo prolly doesn't matter much with a .22, just something that is reliable.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 1:23:00 PM EST
COLBRI'S!!! Aguila Colibri's! Yeah... shoot him with those.... that'll stop him.

Link Posted: 1/14/2002 1:42:25 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/14/2002 1:43:51 PM EST by AJohnston]
Why not just keep your long gun next to your bed? A fight in ones home won't be a whole lot different than a fight on the street other than your home allows you a weapons and turf advantage. If you need a gun at all, you will need it right away. There won't be time for one to attempt to fight his way to a long gun, so planning to do so is probably the wrong idea. Keeping the long gun at the ready is a benefit to having the fight take place in your home, take advantage of it.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 1:46:25 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 1:48:17 PM EST
A .22lr to the forehead at close range will have the same result as a .50 BMG to the same place. Although, the .50 will be very spectacular indeed. Never underestimate the effectiveness of a .22lr in the hands of a cool headed operator. I would prefer a good HV solid.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 2:07:59 PM EST
I don't really like the idea of keeping a loaded shotgun under the bed with kids and such around the house and it would be a pain in the ass to have to move the gun every night and morning.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 2:12:31 PM EST
No kids.
Old Browning semi shotgun with barrel cut down to 19".
Loaded with No. 1 buck, "0", then "00". If I'm still shooting I figure the sucker is going farther away.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 2:15:59 PM EST
I keep a SIG Sauer P232 in the nightstand (380 ACP). Once I complete my first Tannery 1911 I'll probably switch to that. Or my Springfield Armory M1911-A1.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 2:16:32 PM EST
Well, I now keep my Colt 1911 .45 and a Mossberg 500 loaded with 00 buck next to my bed. The handgun is on the stand and the shotgun is in the corner..both just an arms length away.

I would keep the 22 next to the bed with you...the 22 is an underestimated round..it will stop a bad guy..just watch shot placement.

just me 2 cents

Link Posted: 1/14/2002 2:17:01 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/14/2002 2:19:36 PM EST by jcb9901]
I don't see the difference in keeping a loaded hand gun next to the bed or shotgun under the bed.what makes you think the kids won,t touch your handgun but will possibly touch the shotgun.put a lock on the bed room door and lock it when you leave.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 2:42:22 PM EST
I think you found a really good reason to buy a new gun.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 2:43:20 PM EST

Originally Posted By DPeacher:
A .22lr to the forehead at close range will have the same result as a .50 BMG to the same place. Although, the .50 will be very spectacular indeed. Never underestimate the effectiveness of a .22lr in the hands of a cool headed operator. I would prefer a good HV solid.

Indeed. However, relying on the possibility that one may have the opportunity and ability under stress to make a head shot is leaving a bit too much to chance. With virtually any round a hit to the ocular-cranial cavity will almost assuredly cause instant incapacitation, but by nature the head is a very hard target. If at all possible one should start the fight with the largest and most powerful gun one can shoot effectively and have a back up plan. Plan on your actions not working and know what you will do next should that occur.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 3:45:40 PM EST
Your right I should buy a new gun, now I need backups of all the current firearms!
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 4:20:11 PM EST
Jesus Christ don't ever break into MedCop's house!!!

And I thought the moat and alligators around my house was excessive!!!

But, you can't go wrong with a 45 n' a 12 gauge

Salute! And get the f**k off my land!!!
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 4:28:41 PM EST
The Olympic Arms site has interesting test results on the overpenetration of shotgun pellets inside the home. .223 rounds were shown to have minimum penetration. May I suggest that you keep the AR-15 nearby as your home defense weapon?
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 4:52:42 PM EST
S&W M696 .44 Spec with nite sites, loaded with CorBon 165gr JHP. Wolf Ears. My older Second Chance vest. 2 Surefire lights. Cellphone. 2nd alarm control panel in bedroom, along with remote light switches for exterior lights. Shorty in corner loaded with Federal 40 gr JHP or CorBon's 40 gr JHP's.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 4:52:44 PM EST
Mossberg pistol-grip 12 gauge pump.

nuff said
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 4:59:47 PM EST
Glock 22 (.40 S&W) w/ night sights.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 5:01:52 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/14/2002 5:10:54 PM EST by Skammy]
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 5:29:18 PM EST

Never underestimate the effectiveness of a .22lr in the hands of a cool headed operator. I would prefer a good HV solid.

FWIW... CCI Stingers in a Walther P22 will dispatch a full grown chow with a single head shot. H.V. 40 grn HP's

I had to shoot one of the many dogs (6... well used to be 6) my neighbor owns. All pure bred black chows. I live in the country and have to take my garbage to the end of the driveway (1/8 mile from house) once a week. Neighbors house is in view from end of driveway (200 yds) and the dogs have been bothering my wife when she (voluntarily) runs the garbage to the road. Here lately they were arriving in a pack. My wife is proficient with a .38 but was nervous with so many targets. I talked with the neighbor but was met with the "my dogs wouldn't do that" syndrome. I then told him if one even looks at me funny again while taking my garbage out and its on my property. He would have a pile of garbage at the end of his driveway.
I took the garbage out yesterday at 5:00 PM with my newly aquired P22 and a extra mag loaded with CCI Stingers in my front pocket and met with two large chows. About 10 yards from me they stopped. The lead dog creeped forward with his head down and growling. One shot to the head just above the eyes dropped him. It shocked me just as much as it did the other dog. Who took off very quickly back to his house. After dragging the garbage to the end of the driveway. I dragged the dog to the end of my neighbors driveway. He must have heard the shot because from his porch he watched me come from my property over to his dragging his dog all the way. He acted like he wanted to say something stupid so I said " It didn't have to turn out this way you know " and he just shook his head and went back into his house.
I hate killing somebody else's "pet" but I did all that I considered fair before ending the threat to my wife's safety.
Those Stinger's really mess squirrels up too. Anybody else like Stinger's?

Link Posted: 1/14/2002 5:44:50 PM EST
Ak-47 under the bed always does the job good.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 6:49:04 PM EST
A .22LR certainly wouldn’t be my first choice for self-defense. Remember though that Israeli Sky Marshals carry .22 Berettas (and shoot for the head).
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 7:34:30 PM EST
I didn't know they carried .22's I would amagine they do so so they don't put too big of holes in the planes.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 7:46:53 PM EST
Same as the one I carry , GLK17
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