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Posted: 8/12/2007 8:10:30 PM EDT
Not sure how to price this one in the EE.

It's a 1951 russian SKS with a triangle with an arrow marking. A few scratches in the finish. It is in a fiberforce thumbhole stock with the original russian 10 round magazine.
Missing is the bayonet.
Also have the cleaning kit "capsule", original russian(?) sling which is still attached to the lower portion of the russian laminate buttstock.
Also missing is the upper handgaurd for the laminate stock.
I'm thinking of selling it as is, and parting out the laminate stock and sling (selling them as separate items). What is the going rate?
Would it be worth it to find a bayonet and upper handgaurd for the laminate stock, then remove the sks from the fiberforce, install it into the laminate, slap on the non-matching bayonet, and sell the fiberforce stock separtely?
Where would I find the laminate upper handgaurds and russian blade bayonets assemblies?
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