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Posted: 7/19/2002 7:25:45 AM EDT
OK, got my Lucas boreguide (the supposed be all and end all of boreguides), but I guess I'm not quite sure how to use it... It is a two-piece system, the main tube you plug into the chamber and then a smaller insert that goes into that. Am I to presume that you first stick your bare rod through the insert, then attach the brush, patch, etc? Then stick this assembly into the larger tube?

Is that all there is to it? If so, I don't see what all the fuss is about, or why it cost $40. The insert that is the only really guide to the system is actually pretty loose around my Dewey rod, and allows the jag to slightly brush the crown on the way back through the muzzle. While my previous cheapie $10 "iforgetwhatbrand" bore guide tended to move around a bit more, it seemed to keep the rod more centered and did a better job of preventing anything from touching the crown.

Am I missing something?

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