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Posted: 10/11/2005 9:47:12 AM EDT
(i have a 12ga rem 870 w/specops and hogue forend from knoxx also)
ok my first review was in the field hunting boar with my 870 and specops. this time i took it to the range. i shot 2 types of slugs today pmc 2 3/4 rigled slugs and remington 3in magnum sluggers.
just like the field tests it was a breeze to shoot. my shoulder doesn't even know it went shooting. now the last time i shot my shotgun it had the old factory stock and forend. now when i shot i did good. the slugs where in the kill zone but not a great grouping i wanna say 5-6in at 25 yards. but now holy cow i had the target at 50 yards and i had 2in grouping. the recoil was dramaticly reduced, making follow up shots quick since the barrel stayed on target. my friend went ahead and gave it a try. the last time he shot it was also with the factory stock. his first reaction was that it was now alot easier to hold steady and easier to shoulder. he then shot and was on target. his looked like he drew a line accross the target with slug holes. after he got done i discovered one thing that people might wanna think about. he adjusted the stock to see the difference in length of pulls, now there is no markings as to each position so i gotta go and find which one is perfect again. once i get it i'll mark it and that'll never happen again.
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