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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/24/2003 6:48:36 AM EST
i know the answer to this question really depends on who you ask, but i have heard that dry firing 10/22s specifically is not a good idea because of the fact that it is rimfire. is this true? or do modern rimfire rifles have the same high quality alloys built into their firing mechanisms now as to offset any worries about dry firing? anyone know the definitive answer to this?
Link Posted: 9/24/2003 8:20:40 AM EST
You should never dry fire a rimfire. Some may work fine, but I have broken a firing pin on one of my .22's (not a 10/22), could not find a replcement, and ended up fabricating my own. So now I use the saf-T-trainer dummies in all my rigs, rimfire and centerfire.
Link Posted: 9/24/2003 9:11:36 AM EST
The manual that came with my 10/22 says dry firing is ok

I still dont do it as a safety measure.
Link Posted: 9/27/2003 5:35:44 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/27/2003 5:41:40 AM EST by Fruit_of_the_Looms]
I always have.

When I'm done shooting and ready to leave I drop the magazine, rack the bolt a couple of times, visually inspect the chamber, close the bolt and pull the trigger. I've been doing this for over 25 years on the same rifle (a 10/22). I am not afraid to dry fire any modern rimfire.

But I will not dryfire older or real cheap rimfires. I was given a small youth model .22 once that had problems. One of the problems was a tight chamber. It had been dryfired and the firing pin had peened the edge of the chamber. A little emory cloth on a length of dowel cleaned that up. Come to think of it the other major problem was a broken firing pin. This one never gets dryfired.

edited to add: I also own a 1950's era Remington 513T. This is basically an entry level target rifle with a heavy walnut stock, Redfield rear apeture sight, Redfield Globe front and a med. hvy 27" barrel. I do not dry fire this one either. I don't want to risk damaging the firing pin or chamber of this rifle.

Link Posted: 9/28/2003 4:54:20 AM EST
i do recall seeing in the 10/22 manual that dry firing is OK but i try not to anyway. although its hard since sometimes i forget to count my shots. i wish they had a BHO device that was CHEAP.
Link Posted: 10/5/2003 5:59:14 AM EST
well time for my 2 cents.
I have had a 10/22 for about 19 years now. I have dryfired it so many times that I dont even have idea how many times its been. You see i love this gun, and have shot 10,000 plus rounds through it. I never count how many rounds i shot, so i always dry fire it. Iv beat the hell out of it. Hell i was 14 years when i got it, so a dumb ass kid with a semi auto 22. Oh what fun.
Link Posted: 10/6/2003 3:31:06 PM EST
Go ahead, the 10/22 and MKII are fine to dry fire, as others have pointed out - the manual states it is OK to do so, the pin will NOT contact the bbl. I have a number of CZs a Voere and a Kimber ALL of which are fine to dry fire. The only 22 I have that is not OK to do so with is a T/C Contender - and with the hammer selector in the propper position you can even dry fire this.
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