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Posted: 2/21/2002 8:05:52 AM EDT
Dealer has "hooked" me up on a remington pss 300 win mag that is hard to pass up (persoanly love the way the stock feels).
Looking for personal opinons on the following:
How well does the 300 win mag shoot with this model? I don't have this caliber, and was wondering on holding off (who knows how long) until a .308 comes along. Will be used mostly for target and perhaps hunting deer down the road (one of the reasons for the .308, plus I already have that caliber). Also, if I go with this gun, any recomendations on a leupold scope/mount setup?. Any input would be of help. Thks
Link Posted: 2/21/2002 2:01:41 PM EDT
A great entry-level precision rifle. Strong and accurate out to 1200 yards. Get some 190gr 2900 ft/sec ammunition and see how it runs. It's arguably a better rifle than the .308. My personal version would be a 22" barrel with suppressor. A real hammer of a rifle.
Link Posted: 2/21/2002 3:38:10 PM EDT
I have the Sendero in 300 Win. Mag. It is similar to the PSS.

As Arock said its a great choice.

If you reload try the Sierra 175gr HPBT Match.
Sierra developed this for the government and it is the optimal bullet for 1000yard plus. I use the moly coated version of this bullet.

I feel the 300wm/Sendero package is one of the best purchases i've ever made and i'm extremely happy with it!!!

Obviously, I would recommend it!
Link Posted: 2/21/2002 4:24:32 PM EDT
I have that gun

I was debating .308 vs. 300WM too. I decided to go with the better balistics of the 300WM even though it costs more because I figured I wasn't going to be shooting cheap surplus ammo through it anyway so the cost is about the same.

I have a Badger mount with a 20 MOA tilt to it, Badger rings, and a Leupold 3.5x10x40 Long range M3 with illuminated mil-dot reticle. Spendy, but great.

Link Posted: 2/21/2002 4:37:53 PM EDT
You know, if I had to choose one all around caliber for hunting and shooting, it would be the 300 win mag. Big enough to take up to an Elk, yet you could easily down load it to take groundhogs. Good out to 1000 yrds easy. Nice trajectory. Widely available ammo; however it is a belted mag, and barrels do tend to burn out just a bit faster. But if you were going to use it for hunting, you'd never exceed the barrel life. I also don't think that you could go wrong with a Leupold scope; the only hard part is selecting which one - there various catalogues are extremely confusion at times.
Link Posted: 2/21/2002 9:09:54 PM EDT
I have owned both calibers with the exact same setup shadow blade has pictured and loved both, However I spent lots of time shooting the .308 and almost never shot the 300 win mag.
Lets face it on a rifle like this practice is everything, and shooting hundreds of rounds a month out of a 300 Win. will beat the tar out of you even in a 13 lb. rifle, and I don't mind the recoil of a .416 Rem!!!
This rifle combo is not the best setup for deer hunting, the Sendero is a much better choice for hunting as lugging this tank and offhand shooting are much better done with a lighter hunting rifle.
Have you looked at the Model 700 PSS-LTW it is something you may consider due to the lighter weight and still is a " Precision tactical rifle".
You can not go wrong with Leupold Tactical scopes with MIL-DOTS, in Badger rings as pictured.
Some will call this an "entry level rifle" and it kindove is however you must consider cost to performance, Both my PSS shoot Way Sub-MOA after stock bedding.
There are many better rifles out there but the PSS and the model 70 and clones are great rifles for the cash.
Yes I want a Mcmillan but wow.
Just my 2 cents??
Link Posted: 2/22/2002 2:36:59 AM EDT
Shawdowblade, nice setup! Where's the best place to order the badger mounts? Sitting Bull, your right on the leupold, checking out their website and STILL trying to figure out the difference on all those scopes (what exactly is the difference between the tacticle and vari series?) Blkbrd, you're reasoning on perhaps another rifle is exactly the reason why I'm thinking about waiting for the .308 (my M1a can go through the ammo!) Another dealer has made me a "great trade" for a remington vs sf in 22-250 wich I'm considering. Thanks for all the input!
Link Posted: 2/22/2002 4:50:36 PM EDT

Originally Posted By 13f:
Shawdowblade, nice setup! Where's the best place to order the badger mounts?

I did some shopping around and cost was pretty much the same everywhere I looked. I ended up ordering from Brownell's.

BADGER ORDNANCE REMINGTON 700 REMINGTON 700 MAXIMIZED SCOPE RAIL - $145-148 depending on long or short action.


Link Posted: 2/23/2002 2:12:34 PM EDT
Check out SWFA prices on Badger...$119.00 Can that be beat?
Link Posted: 2/23/2002 4:08:02 PM EDT
The 300WM is a great round but I like Blkbrd found it to beat the piss out of me. I bought mine to hunt with but find I still use my '06(I hunt Moose mainly) the only time I use shoot the 300WM is to verify the scope and occasionally to hunt Caribou.

Link Posted: 2/23/2002 4:45:32 PM EDT

Originally Posted By clinth:
The 300WM is a great round but I like Blkbrd found it to beat the piss out of me. I bought mine to hunt with but find I still use my '06(I hunt Moose mainly) the only time I use shoot the 300WM is to verify the scope and occasionally to hunt Caribou.


Had a savage 10fp....and had the same results......traded off for a 700 in 300wm for the hunting trips..and went to the 308 for the target gun.....thought the extra range was a good idea...but the $$$ and sore shoulder wasn`t too much fun....shoot the 308 without any guilt.....good for varmints etc. also.....300wm is just too much for paper...groundhogs and coyotes......
Link Posted: 2/23/2002 5:40:52 PM EDT
Got a PSS in .308 and a .300 custom Model 70. Recoil sensitivity is a big variable.

The .300 is a 15 lb. rifle, but I had no issues with banging 60-80 rounds a day through it from the bench. The Vais brake will work if you feel the rifle is beating you up too much.

Of course, a few of us think that offhand plinking with a .375 H&H is fun, too!

Practically, the .300 will extend the range you are able to reach out and touch a target by 200-300 yards, if you do your part. It will take more $ in bullets, powder, brass and loaded rounds to get there. The decision as to whether it is worth it for you is yours.

The .300 WM PSS is a nice rifle. It will be a good beginner's benchrest rifle for punching paper, or for building a long range precision rifle. It is not a particularly good rifle for deer hunting, as it is long, heavy, and more cartridge than most N. American deer require.

I agree with the Leupold scope choice, and would recommend the 3.5-10x LR M1 or M3 for this setup, if intended for tactical use. If you are going to be doing nothing but paper punching at extended ranges, you may want a fixed power model. Concur with the Badger rings and bases comments.

Just my .02, YMMV. Hope this helps.
Link Posted: 2/24/2002 4:50:55 PM EDT
Thanks for all the input. Went with the 300 due to 3 things: 1. I don't have that caliber 2.Price for the pss was same as the vs (dealer had hooked me up) 3. Wont be lugging it around that much if I do hunt with it.
Can't wait to shoot it to see about the recoil, figuring I won't be putting more than 20 rounds a session with it. On the recoil issue, how does it compare to a marlin guide gun in .45-70? Was out at the range on saturday and put 60 rounds through it on the bench with no problem (I'm 5'11/170lbs).
One more question about leupold though. What is the difference between the tacticle and target sope? Both can come with a mil dot recticle, matt finish and targe knobs. Is it that the target series has the "leupold gold ring" and leupold engraved on the side?
By the way, I swore I wasn't going to buy another gun (do I really need one? no!), so how do you know when you've become a "gun nut"?
Link Posted: 2/24/2002 6:44:09 PM EDT
I agree that a 300WM is a great gun to own, but if you already don't own a 308 PSS, that's the route I would have taken. Maybe now that you bought the 300 PSS, you will buy a better 308? I ended up kicking myself when I bought the 223PSS, but pretty quickly ran into a 40xc, which kicks the shit out of my .5"@100 groups (223) easily giving .14"@100 with Winchester black tips. I haven't worked up handloads, but I'm wondering if I'd just dissappoint myself!

I'm pretty happy being able to SHOOT my guns rather than to look at them and see how pretty they are! I'd probably end up taking whatever scope I put on the 300 off and putting it on something I use more often. Tell you one thing though, those PSS's are unbelievable for the $.
Link Posted: 2/25/2002 12:54:33 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/25/2002 12:55:53 AM EDT by misterhemi]
I think the 300 was a good choice if you're using it for target shooting.

I have the Sendero with a fairly heavy scope. I can shoot up to 100 rounds with no sore shoulder, etc because of the weight.

Its a fairly heavy rifle with a 26" barrel.

Its NOT a hunting rifle and I bought it mainly for long range shooting. I wouldn't think twice about buying it again, it just that good!

Not the best picture but here it is:
Link Posted: 2/25/2002 3:32:03 AM EDT
Minman72, you're point on waiting for the .308 is well taken. Was it truely a rational decesion on my part, no. the only dealer in the area who I know of that carried the pss models had no clue when he'd get another .308 in, and I had a couple of people whom I work with speak very highly of the 300wm. My M1a on a good day when I do my part, will shoot sub moa (plus the fact that I had some work done on it by mcmillian), that was a big factor on not feeling "guilty" about getting another .308. Hey, plus the fact that I'm getting a nice check from uncle sam helped:) On the scope, I'll just mount a current shepeards that I have on the 300wm and take it out this week to see how much of recoil is a factor (this will help figuring on how much I want to spend for a new scope). You're also on target about "using you're guns", and you know what hit me? I went to the range on saturday with 4 guns, and for the first time it hit me, I actually had more sitting back at home! Fact is I could spend all day shooting just one gun, just don't have enough time to shoot all of them. Funny though, my favorite and most fun to shoot? A 1962 remington matchmaster with a unertel scope (I've it a dime at 50 yds with it, and groups are just a good at that same range).
Link Posted: 2/25/2002 4:40:25 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/25/2002 5:17:59 AM EDT by Sniper3142]
I've also got a stainless steel 300 Win Mag Sendero.

It doesn't beat me up and I shoot it alot.

Of course I've made some 'minor" modifications to it :-)

- Badger Ordnance Rings and tapered base.
- H-S Precision Tactical stock and Detachable magazine.
- Leupold 6.5x20 VariXIII Scope w/ Mildots.
- Harris Bipod.
- Scope Level.

Here's a picture of it.

Link Posted: 2/25/2002 7:27:46 AM EDT

I suppose if your a sniper or do a lot of hunting out west, a 300 is a great caliber. Myself, I'm hot for the Winchester Coyote in 270 WSM.
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