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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/2/2002 7:34:54 AM EST
i'm looking to get an SP89. i would like to know if anyone has had, or heard anything (good or bad) about these things.

Link Posted: 4/2/2002 7:19:38 PM EST

If you are planning on converting it to a MP5K go ahead. Otherwise, well, I can't figure out what good they are.

It is too big and heavy to shoot as a pistol with both hands around the pistol grip. There really is no way to shoot it accurately holding one hand on the grip and the other the magazine.

If you add the K grip - be prepared for a stay in the federal pen. Very illegal.

I like HK. But the SP89 has no use in it's native mode. It requires conversion to SBR (Class III tax stamp and all) and addition of the folding stock and K Grip. Actually, I don't think you can do those things either unless you marry it to an auto sear. Since doing so would be manufacturing a new Assault Weapon (sic).

So basically, you have a weapon that can't really be used for anything unless you add the auto sear ($4000), K grip and folding stock ($500) and tax stamp ($200) and another ($500-1000) in misc to make it all work. Total $5500 plus your SP89 minimum. Course, then you got a really cool MP5K submachine gun.

Having said all that, I think they are rapidly escalating in value. There aren't many of them here, and more are converted to MP5Ks every day. Kind of a rarity to find a clean one now.

Link Posted: 4/2/2002 8:13:31 PM EST
yeah they cost so damn much.
But you get what you pay for.

Link Posted: 4/3/2002 4:53:56 AM EST
Yea, out of the box it is too heavy for a handgun. You need to modify it. Look at the Steyr SPP. Much lighter and with a sling it is manageable.
Link Posted: 4/3/2002 5:00:33 AM EST
hey thanks everyone!

i can see where you guys are comin from. makes sense to me.

my next purchase was going to be the SP89 or the 94 (i have the 93 & 91 already).

looks like i should go with the 94 huh?
Link Posted: 4/3/2002 6:03:00 AM EST

Originally Posted By thecleaner:
i'm looking to get an SP89. i would like to know if anyone has had, or heard anything (good or bad) about these things.


You mean other than the $3500 going rate for a pistol????
Link Posted: 4/3/2002 9:21:32 AM EST

i hear ya, they are pricey, but i'm one of those collector guys that likes to go all out when my $ situation allows me (which is once every year and a half).

anyone have any 94's they wanna sell?
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