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Posted: 5/30/2002 4:24:17 PM EDT

I picked up a Cobray CM-11 for grins and giggles a couple weeks ago...loaded it up, took it to the range. It seemed fine, but after about 15 rounds, it started double- and triple-tapping on me, depending on how I pulled the trigger. Obviously, this made me go "uhhh", unload the damn thing, and pack it away. Bought it home and cleaned it, and it was *Filthy*...I gave it a quick wipedown after I bought it but didn't really *clean* it. Really cleaning it flushed out a LOT of gunk.

To define "how I pulled the trigger", if I quickly broke and let it go, it'd fire single, fine. If I slowly bought it back, it'd double-triple. If I quickly broke and held the trigger back, once again, it'd fire just one, and that was that.

Now, after the cleaning...if I pull the trigger, manually cock the weapon, and then let go of the trigger...I can hear the hammer let go and hit the firing pin/bolt.

I take it this is not normal for a CM-11.

I looked at the inside of the weapon and I couldn't see if any parts had been obviously "modified" (perhaps the previous owner decided he didn't want a semi-auto, who knows)...but either way.

I haven't taken it out since; I live in a non-class-III friendly state, and if I went to the range to test it and it started double and triple tapping again while someone was around, it'd raise too many eyebrows.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should check on it's internals? (I don't have a manual for it)...or any other suggestions? I'm about to bring it back to the store that sold it to me. Dunno if I'll get a refund, but I should probably be able to get store credit. I've had it for almost a month, and I've only taken it out once...and put less than 30 rounds through it.

Not that I'm afraid of the thing now that I know how it can act, but it's certainly not safe, especially if either I'm not expecting a burst, or if I let someone else fire it...

Any opinions/thoughts?

Link Posted: 5/30/2002 4:39:24 PM EDT
Oh - before anyone gets an idea -

I do NOT want it this way. I want to repair the stupid thing...but, I'll be the first to say, I'm Cobray M11-stupid. I want it back to it's original condition.

Yah, it's a touchy topic. I know this. I want to fix the thing, it's unsafe as it is now. Any ideas?

Link Posted: 5/30/2002 11:28:45 PM EDT
Sounds like all the classic examples of a worn sear. Perhaps the previous owner wanted a trigger job & did his own? Should be no problem for a gunsmith to fix.
Link Posted: 5/30/2002 11:44:30 PM EDT
I was at a range with a buddy shooting his mack-10, the same thing happened to us, but it let off about 7 shots. we looked around and everyone was looking at us, so we just snuck over to the car and left.. Ive got a cobray m-12 and ive never had any problems with it.
Link Posted: 5/31/2002 3:04:27 AM EDT
I have a pre-ban M-11 and since I did a mod on the feed ramp the thing has shot (Semi-auto by the way)without ANY problems, clean, dirty and, super dirty.  I dont think the cleanliness of the pistol would affect it in the way you described.  If anything it being dirty would cause "jams" I'd think.

It sounds like as the earlier post states you have a faulty disconnector or what ever they at SWD call it.  You can purchase the guts (fire control parts, hammer-trigger-sear) for it at several different sites or RPB/SWD direct.  Re-assembly is not too bad either and you could do this yourself cutting out the gunsmith costs.  It would eliminate the worn/modified parts question at least, and the SA parts a pretty cheap.  

I do believe though that Cobray has a lifetime warranty if you can find the ever-changing company.  If you can verify the parts were not altered this might be an option.

These are fun guns and when you get them running they are a blast, even in semi-auto.   Hate to see you get rid of it if you can fix it with out too many problems.

PS I have a manual, I dont think its to informative but if you want, e-mail me I'll try to scan it or something.
Link Posted: 5/31/2002 6:53:01 AM EDT

BobCole - I was thinking something similar, but here's something weird...you know that triangle-shaped piece in the rear?

If I pull the trigger and then try to lock the hammer back (with the top of the gun off)..the hammer won't lock onto anything. It hits it, and just won't lock onto it unless I let go of the trigger. Really weird...I'm guessing it shouldn't be doing that.

Officer960, it dosen't *look* like anythign's been modified. All the parts look their normal color; nothing polished or refinished as near as I can tell. If the manual just shows how to strip and clean it, it's useless to me :) However, if someone has any diagrams or parts listing of what should be where, that'd be helpful...that way I can count and make sure that it has all the parts, and they're all the proper dimensions/shape/whatever...

Thanks all!

Link Posted: 5/31/2002 8:39:44 AM EDT
Put a new bar (sear) and hammer in it. Previous owner?? took and made minimal engagement mods to the hammer to the point where the recoil would drop the hammer and "effect" auto-fire.

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