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Posted: 9/17/2004 4:39:40 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/17/2004 4:40:06 AM EDT by htony1]
Hey guys, my wife is sick of hearing me talk about guns, and i don't have anyone to tell so i figured i would post it on here. I just entered the world of the HK94. well not exactly, but i picked up an SW5 and man is it sweet. This gun has the best ergonomics and shoots like a champ. My wife is great with it too.

the guy who transfered it for me was really pesimistic and went on and on about how it was no HK. I know this, but newly married and strapped for money prevents me from the real thing. Don't know if i will ever get to have a real HK but thats ok. I love this gun, and am amazed at how good it shoots. the HK designers are pretty sharp. so if i get flamed thats cool, but i just wanted to share some of my happiness with other gun guys.

thanks for your ears and thanks crowboy for the trade
Link Posted: 9/17/2004 5:42:10 AM EDT
How much have you shot it?
Link Posted: 9/17/2004 8:05:47 AM EDT
so far about 200 rounds. more this weekend hopefully. im happy

Link Posted: 9/17/2004 8:31:00 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/17/2004 8:33:00 AM EDT by hkshooter]
I like mine! It now also wears a B&T mount and an EOTec.

Link Posted: 9/17/2004 5:02:39 PM EDT
man hkshooter that is so sweet. i like the short barrel. How much hassle was it to convert it to a sbr? i want to do the same with mine. 16"

how does the mount work for it?

Link Posted: 9/18/2004 6:13:30 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/18/2004 6:17:24 AM EDT by whoanelly]
Do you like the folding stock because of looks or function?

Edited to add I like the looks of it over the sliding stock, and am wondering if it is more sturdy, quiet, lower cost, etc.
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 8:32:31 AM EDT
I want to get the MP5 clone and SBR it. Get a telescoping stock. Then you can get the suppressor. Surefire forend. It's like Class III but not as much $$$ right? How much does SBR'ing it cost, $200?
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 6:48:28 PM EDT
htony1, don't let the bastard get you down. These guns are less than half the price of the HK and just as much fun. sure they sometimes require "tweaking" but can be made 100% reliable. The next time someone bashes my SW5 my response will be "I'll spend the money on the HK if you are willing to contribute to the effort. If not, then my money will be spent as I see fit. Not you."

The form 1 wasn't all that bad. Fill it out in duplicate, get the prints (on the proper card, LEO has them) Digital pics for the form (.22 each) send it and a MO for $200 to the feds and wait. Mine took almost six months.
Getting the fake can off was a pain in the can.hinking.gif Ground out the weld over the pin, around the pin and pulled it with pliers. Trashed the fake can though.
That was the easy part. The hard part is getting it off once the pin is out. NASA hasn't developed a glue as strong as the s**t holding that can on yet.

the B&T mount just uses the existing mount bosses on the receiver and clamps on. Easy. Let's see if the pic works...

whoanelly, I like the folder because it's more comfortable to shoot. This one needs a minor adjustment, as it does have a small bit of side to side wobble when locked open. VERY small.
Generally, they are less expensive than the colapsible.

Slinger, see above for answer.

Link Posted: 9/19/2004 9:42:22 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/19/2004 9:44:48 PM EDT by Hitman]
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 9:43:00 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/19/2004 9:45:20 PM EDT by Hitman]
Sorry double post...
Link Posted: 9/20/2004 3:34:24 AM EDT
thanks hk and hitman. those are some sweet guns. by the way, im going to put an aimpoint on it, so what is the best mount. is the mount that tapco sells that is a claw mount with a rail on the top of good quality. Does it sit too high on the gun?

my reciever is cast so i dont' know what im going to do about the a3 stock but i can't afford to sent it off to a smith like investment grade? oh well

thanks guys and God bless
Link Posted: 9/20/2004 9:43:31 AM EDT
If you want to co-witness the sights then you need to get the B&T mount.

I think the claw mount is too high. Maybe if you use a gas mask then it would work better but for the average person it would be better to get a low profile mount.

BTW mine is also a first generation cast receiver and the A3 stock fits it fine.
Link Posted: 9/20/2004 12:12:52 PM EDT
thanks hitman.

Now i get to add an a3 stock to my wishlist..

is it hard to change the barrel on a sw5 if i do the sbr route? and can i keep my gun until the papework goes throught or how does that work

Link Posted: 9/21/2004 4:30:51 AM EDT
The barrel is, for purposes of conversation, is a pain to change. For go the aggravation and send it to a smith.

Meanwhile, you can keep the gun until the paperwork is approved then send your gun and a COPY of the paper work to the smith for the change.
A note on that, remember, you don't have to chnge the barrel if you have an FS version. All you need do is remove the fake can like I did one the one above.
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