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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/9/2010 1:31:43 AM EST
G'day everyone. Was just wondering on peoples thoughts about moddifying a remington 7615 in .223 that takes AR mags to fire the .458 socom cartridge. For those that don't know in Australia we aren't allowed to own semi autos and recently we have been stopped from putting 30 round mags in 7615's because they believe them to be converted into a assault weapon or some bs. Thought this would be a good project and i would have something unique at the end of it. Any feedback from someone that is knowledgable about how difficult this idea is would be appreaciated. Would it just be as simple as changing to a .308 bolt and a new barrel and feeding moddifications or would it be alot harder than that.
Link Posted: 9/10/2010 4:01:06 AM EST

Save yourself the hassle - the bolt and barrel extension are different on the .223 model.

Start with a .243/.308/.30-06, hopefully they are cheap down there like they are around these parts - and add the 7615 magazine adapter.

A portion of the magazine adapter sticks up in the front and will need to be cut down a bit for case body/shoulder clearance.

Remington Parts

Remington Parts Pricing List

Next to the last page of the pricing list is where you'll find the 7615 listings.

I bought the whole magazine adapter as an assembly(armorer contact), but I don't see a listing for the whole thing there.

Here's the related pieces I'd be looking for.

F300969 V-I 7615 MAGAZINE INSERT SCREW $ 3 .20
F301032 V-A 7615 MAGAZINE INSERT $ 3 9.00
F300964 V-C 7615 MAGAZINE LATCH ROD $ 4 .50
F300963 V-D 7615 MAGAZINE LATCH BUTTON $ 3 .70
F300965 V-38 7615 MAGAZINE LATCH SPRING $ 3 .20
F300962 V-37 7615 MAGAZINE LATCH $ 1 7.00
F400357 V-43 7615 REC ASSEM 7615 MO BRUSH $ 1 76.00
F91436 V-43b 7615 RECEIVER INSERT $ 4 .10
F14242 V-44 7615 RECEIVER PLUG SCREW BL (.162 x .40) $ 3 .20
F18551 V-45 7615 RECEIVER STUD (7/16-28 UNEF 3A) $ 3 .30

I don't remember buying these parts - but if you could find a good illustration of a 7615 it would help.

F300991 V-F 7615 SHELL STRIPPER $ 3 8.00
F301081 not shown 7615 SHELL STRIPPER PLATE SCREW $ 3 .20
F300990 V-E 7615 SHELL STRIPPER GUIDE $ 1 5.00

Link Posted: 9/10/2010 8:47:54 PM EST
Thanks mate that will save me alot of trouble.
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