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Posted: 5/12/2002 4:40:50 PM EDT
Since I had so much fun chronographing the Lake City ammo, I figured I would also test some .40 ammo from my Glock 27.

As you all know, the G27 is Glock's subcompact little .40 S&W, with a 3.46 inch bbl.  

I tested 2 135 gr hp loads from CorBon, 2 155 gr. FMJ loads, a 155gr. Remington load, and a Federal 135 gr. hp load.    

Results, from 10 feet, at 80 degrees (F), 75% humidity.  In order of highest velocity, average of 6 shots per load: (JHP=jacketed hollowpoint, FMJ=Full metal jacket)

1) Corbon 135 gr. JHP(1325 fps claimed):  1221 fps

2) Corbon 135 gr. JHP (1300 fps claimed, old box): 1203 fps

3) Federal Personal Defense, 135gr JHP: 1174 fps

4) Remington (NOT golden saber) 155gr JHP: 1148 fps

5)Speer Lawman 155gr FMJ: 1120 fps

6)American Eagle 155gr FMJ: 1084 fps

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