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Posted: 12/15/2001 9:14:55 PM EDT
Ok, all this .308 bolt-action talk this past week pushed me over the edge (never far from there anyway ). I have been thinking about a .308 bolt-action for a couple of months now and had been keeping an eye open for a deal the past few gun shows. Had decided I liked the Remington 700 ADL Synthetic or VLS (or other if $$ is right,), but a Savage 10FP would be good too for a first bolt-action. THEN BusMaster007 starts that thread and all the responses helped answer some questions I had not thought of. (thanks all)

To the point,
went to the gun show today,
found and purchased a not to used Remington 700 ADL with a 4x Tasco - $325,
had to do better on the scope, so, Simmons Whitetail Classic 6.5-20x50 and rings (new) – $119.

1) I have not been up on bolt-actions ever, till 2-3 months ago, how did I do?

2) Can and what does it take to have detachable mags on this?

3) Any other suggestions for this model? Or general goodies?
Purpose? 100yd – 400yd shots, any game downable by a .308.

4)Wife got pissed, any one dare suggestions?


Jsr75 – nice setup
BusMaster007 - thanks
Link Posted: 12/16/2001 5:43:07 AM EDT
I don't show this model available in .308.
However prices:
NIB = $350.00
EXC = $300.00
VG = $250.00

Now there is a 700 ADL Synthetic Youth ofered in .308. (Came out in 1998)
NIB = $400.00
EXC = $300.00
VG = $250.00
(This rifle has a shortened stock.)

Hope this helps.
Link Posted: 12/16/2001 6:08:55 AM EDT
Not too bad on the gun, maybe a few bucks too high, but not too bad. I think a detach mag will be hard to do, som woodwork as in inletting the stock, or an aftermarket stock. Remmington for a while offered kits, but i don't know if they still do.
good luck on the wife, jewlery often works...fulclip
Link Posted: 12/16/2001 6:20:19 AM EDT

Originally Posted By SSD:

2) Can and what does it take to have detachable mags on this?

Yes, but you'd have to change the stock. There are two ways to do this
1. Change the stock to an HS Precision BDL stock and get their detachable mag kit.

2. Get the Accuracy International AICS kit. 5 and 10 round mags are available for the AICS.

3) Any other suggestions for this model? Or general goodies?
Purpose? 100yd – 400yd shots, any game downable by a .308.

A Harris bipod, an Eagle stock pack, an Eagle drag bag, and a torque wrench. For a simulation, try www.shooterready.com/lrs.html

4)Wife got pissed, any one dare suggestions?

Sorry buddy, but I'm in the same boat.

Link Posted: 12/16/2001 8:39:00 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/16/2001 8:33:09 AM EDT by BusMaster007]

How do you do & how'd you do?
Congratulations on your purchase! You've got a rifle!
1.You got a .308 Remington, so I'd say you did fine. That's a good choice in the caliber and will fit the portable gun spot pretty well. For a 1st bolt-action, you done good.
2. Changing it to a BDL floorplate style or a DM can be cost prohibitive. New stock, kit, work, time down, etc.
There are kits to change it, I can't remember the name of one in particular right now, but, it still involves a lot of the above mentioned work.
Don't do it now. Get to shooting it for what it is, a blind magazine ADL in .308.
3. You could get the Harris bipod and some Butler Creek flip-up lens covers for the scope. And a sling.
Most of all, get a lot of ammo and practice with your new acquisition.

You think the wife is pissed now, start changing everything on the rifle and show her those receipts...
Don't do it!

I'm still going to have to wait on getting mine, and the final configuration is not etched in stone yet. I'm really wrestling with the ideas, so I'll be ready when the time comes.
Good Luck on yours.
You've got it in your hands.

(you might want to sweet talk the wife a bit for awhile...)

edited for spell check.
Link Posted: 12/16/2001 9:50:58 AM EDT
SSD, RE the wife:


It's cheap, easy, and great PR.

As they say, "it's better to ask forgiveness than permission"
Link Posted: 12/16/2001 10:30:44 AM EDT
Thanks all,

fullclip, jewelry could get me in more trouble. Lucky me she don't see jewelry like most woman.

kcsturm, nice link, I need to learn the math of this kind of shooting.

BusMaster007, I will be going slow with this.

marvl, good idea.

I'm off to the range now

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