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Posted: 1/5/2012 9:42:50 PM EDT
I know this is not exactly a suppressor question but it seemed like the right area.

A co-worker has turned me on to this the other day and I am looking at building an upper. I likely won't start this for a few months.

- Is there any reason to get a barrel less then 16'? Other then the "cool guy factor My understanding is the piston pulls gas after 6 inches of the barrel. I would think that 10 more inches of rifling would help my accuracy. I don't really need an SBR at this point and I'm already dumping a ton of cash into a new suppressor and ammo and if I can save another $200 that is fine with me.

- What kind of optics are you guys using? I have access to a 100 yard range, with limited access to longer ranges.

- Noveski barrels run about $350 each, is this the best option or are there other things out there I should look at? Are these barrels back ordered? I can afford the barrel now should I start the process. I can wait a few months if I have too.

- The bolt group, can I really just swap out the bolt group from my regular AR and drop it in? That seems far to simple.

Thanks in advance.

Link Posted: 1/5/2012 11:30:03 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/5/2012 11:35:29 PM EDT by KILLERB6]
300 BLK has 2 distinct advantages over other possibilities...like 6.8.

1. Subsonic loads = actually quiet suppressed.

2. The ONLY different part is the barrel.

Going short (SBR) means you can have a 9" (or less) barrel plus a 6" can = 15" equivalent barrel length.

While the barrel is the only part that's different, I would get another bolt (at least, if not BCG) for each weapon. Some argue you can run a single bolt in multiple weapons but I don't.

It is an interesting cartridge and some of the big names are going 300 BLK, either already or in the near future and it looks like relatively inexpensive factory ammo is on it's way.

Check out the 300 BLK forum (300BLKTALK) for more.
Link Posted: 1/6/2012 1:31:25 AM EDT
I built an upper fairly reasonably using a CMMG barrel, Del Ton upper and a YHM rail. I've got a Brunton 1.5-5x scope on it and it works well for me. My normal range is about 130 yards.

I've got a .30 cal can that on a 16" barrel is a bit long. I was swapping out FF tubes recently and made a mock up pic with approximately a 9" barrel. I like it!

I do have a 9mm can that should be approved soon I shot it on there a few weeks back and the weight difference is amazing. I want to SBR my BLK but will wait for a few range trips with the 9mm can to see how I feel. Thompson Machine said the Isis is ok with subsonic loads through a 16" barrel. Not for supersonic loads or a short barrel so if I do spend the $200 it'll always have the stainless SAS can on it.

When I forts built my upper I just swapped lowers and BCG with my 5.56 rifle. It ran fine but AIMSurplus had Spike's BCG's on sale for $100 so I went ahead and got one along with building a lower for the .300 upper. So yes you can swap back and forth but some folk will say the bolt/barrel will mate with each other over time and it's not a good idea to swap back and forth.

I will say when I first built it it was a bit skeptical but the more I play with the BLK the more I like it! I've picked up a Stevens 200 and have a barrel on the way to convert it. Ought to be some really quiet fun!
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